White and Light Eco debate

Over the years it has been argued that White Eco and Light Eco are the same substance. This page has been written stating all the known arguments for and against this theory. If you have anything to add to the page, please do; as long as it can't be easily disproved, we will allow it.

Note that "White Eco's" first appearance was in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, while "Light Eco's" first appearance was in Jak 3.

[edit] White Eco =/= Light Eco

The first point to note is that while White Eco is a white color (while having rainbow-like colors as well), Light Eco is a blue color. This is extended by the fact that Jak turns completely white when he picks up White Eco, while Light Jak is a blue color.

Another point to note is that while White Eco was made artificially (Sages combining their powers), Light Eco occurs naturally (i.e. in Eco Vents and from enemies). Adding onto this, White Eco is VERY rare, while Light Eco is found much more often (albeit rarer than Dark Eco).

As Gol and Maia are about to be defeated, the Sages make White Eco. Daxter states that White Eco may be able to change him back to his human form. He decides against this. However, if White Eco and Light Eco are indeed the same substance, then Daxter's contact with Light Eco would change him back to normal. This has not happened throughout his many occasions of contact with Light Eco in Jak 3.

White Eco grants Jak immense power, strong enough to destroy Gol and Maia's modified Precursor Robot. While White Eco is a more offensive Eco, Light Eco is more of a defensive power, with abilities such as healing, shields and stopping time. This may be due to Jak's infusion with Dark Eco, and since Jak has an unusual ability to channel eco, it is possible that Jak's infusion with Dark Eco changed this ability somewhat. However in this sense, White Eco is more similar to Dark Eco, considering the amount of destruction possible with them. Since Light Eco is the opposite to Dark Eco, this could extend the idea further.

In Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier, Light Eco returns in the form of a Light Eco Drop; as in Jak 3, it takes a blue appearance. This factor contributes to the argument further, as will be explained in the next paragraph.

The Dark Sage's Mail - a new type of armour in the game - has 2 lines of bright lights on it. These lights change colour depending on the dominance of a certain type of eco power-up - for example, if the player has more Yellow Eco power ups than green, red and blue power-ups, the lights will turn yellow. Likewise with more Red Eco power ups, the lights will turn red, and so on. However, when all power-ups are in balance (all at the same level or have purchased all power-ups) the lights turn a white colour. This further contributes to the theory as green, red, yellow and blue eco all combine to create White Eco. If this were Light Eco, the lights probably would have turned a lighter shade of blue (an azure-type colour).

Furthermore, at the end of the game, as the Eco Core regains its power, it emits a bright white color, with rainbow colors flashing - looking extremely similar to the White Eco in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. Such a sensation of white eco can also be seen when standing on a Precursor Totem (which restores eco powers).

[edit] White Eco = Light Eco

An argument for this theory is that Gol says "Light Eco" as it appears before him in the final battle. However, the distortion in his voice and the muffled sound (as a result of being inside the Precursor Robot) make this difficult to determine.

Some consider Jak's mutation from Dark Eco as a key factor to the change in use, and believe that this causes him to channel the eco differently. While in the first game Jak channeled the Eco in offensive form, Jak channeled the Eco in a defensive form in the third game, possibly due to the Dark Eco flowing through him.

In Jak and Daxter: Limited Edition Complete Trilogy Movie, it appears that Daxter's lines in relation to White Eco have been edited, with 'White' replaced with 'Light', supporting the theory that the two are the same.

Another argument is that the functions of the eco changed to suit the new gameplay (however this would open too many plot holes).

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