The Wasteland is a large, sandbox-like area in Jak 3 for the Playstation 2. It is home to exiles of Haven City, Marauders, and Monks, as well as many exotic creatures, such as Leaper Lizards and Metal Heads.

[edit] Areas

[edit] Monk's Temple

This is the home to the Monks, a large group of people that worship the Precursors. Their temple also houses Precursor Statues that give Jak his light powers. Inside it, there is an area that can only be completed through use of the JET-Board, as well as many jars filled with Metal Head Skull Gems.

[edit] Volcano

The Volcano's exterior is so large that it stretches throughout the Wasteland. However, the interior makes it seem much smaller than it is. Inside it, one can find trees and multiple enemies, such as Metal Heads. It is unknown how most of these got here. The only ways to access this area is through the Temple and the Monk Glider.

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