Unblock the Eco Harvesters

Unblock the Eco Harvesters is one of the many missions in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy for the PlayStation 2. It is one of the very first missions that Jak and Daxter will go on and attempt to complete when they start their journey.

[edit] Walkthrough

In order to do this mission, you must first obtain access to Sentinel Beach, which is unlocked after doing all of Geyser Rock. When that is complete, the player must talk to Samos Hagai, who will tell the player that he has Eco Harvesters down on the beach that are being blocked by rocks covering the Eco Vents. He will send Jak and Daxter off on a quest to break the rocks and to start the Green Eco Vents up once more.

After entering Sentinel Beach, Jak and Daxter must head to the other side of it, which is quickly done by crossing through the beach, then using the cliffs to get over to the other side. It is also possible to swim to the other side of the beach, but this is more dangerous, and it requires more time.

If the cliff path is chosen, the player will encounter many different enemies, including the Mutt and Sand Dragon. However, if the ocean path is taken, the player will encounter a Pelican and Lurker Shark, neither of which can actually be defeated. The Lurker Shark will attack and defeat Jak and Daxter with no hesitation.

When the actual area is accessed, a simple punch or spin kick will be enough to break the rocks, which will turn the Green Eco Vents back on. Jak can now use them to restore his Health, and save up on Green Eco for later.

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