Concept Art of the Terraformer
Race Dark Maker
Armor Extremely Powerful
Weaponry Dark Tentacles, Dark Makers
Relations Precursor Robot (opposite)
Dark Makers (creators)
First Appearance Jak 3

The Terraformer is a large Dark Maker robot. It is the opposite of the Precursors' Robot, possibly used during the ancient war between the Precursors and Dark Makers.


[edit] Location

As there is only one of these vehicles, it is a large monstrosity that is filled with many different abilities. It is possible that the Dark Makers spent a large amount of time in creating it.

It takes on a menacing appearance. The Terraformer rests inside the Dark Maker Ship during the majority of the game. However, Cyber-Errol steals it and uses it to escape the destruction of the ship.

[edit] Appearance

The Terraformer has six, large, dark legs. These legs all have 2 or 3 little, Dark Eco-filled areas on them. When these areas are destroyed, the legs take damage, and when all of the areas are destroyed, the entire Terraformer falls, leaving only the pyramid-like structure on the top.

The pyramid-like area has a large monster robot wrapped around it that is able to slam into itself and deal damage to anyone running around on top of it. There are also large Dark Tentacles that will perform the same function. This beast is also equipped with Dark Makers that it can use as a weapon.

[edit] Armor

Despite being such a strong vehicle, the Terraformer can go down easily. However, it has to be hit in the very small, very few weak points that it actually has.

In the Terraformer's battle with Jak, it is quickly taken down through use of the Sand Shark's guns because it is show in the Dark Eco Packets on the legs, which seem to provide power to the Terraformer. When it is in its Pyramid Form, it is defeated through use of Dark Jak and the Peace Maker, which hits a weak point that is uncovered on the backside of the snake-like creature's head.

[edit] Battle

[edit] Part One

In the first part of the battle against the Terraformer, Jak and Daxter must traverse the Wasteland in their Sand Shark in order to shoot and destroy the fourteen Dark Eco-filled packets on the Terraformer's large legs. To do this, they must activate the machine gun that is built into the Sand Shark without being stomped on.

The Terraformer traverses the Wasteland in a large, endless loop, meaning there is no way for the battle to end unless the Sand Shark is crushed or the Terraformer is defeated.

There is no other available car, as the battle begins by Jak and Daxter jumping into a large Warp Gate on the Dark Maker Ship. The Terraformer was stolen by Cyber-Errol, and is being controlled by him during this battle.

[edit] Part Two

In the second part of the battle against the large vehicle, Jak and Daxter must start by climbing the Terraformer while defeating little Dark Spiders that grow in size depending on what level of the Terraformer they are on.

When they reach the top, the Terraformer unleashes Dark Tentacles that work as a large defense mechanism. While Jak attempts to take these out, Cyber-Errol launches various Dark Makers at them in an attempt to stop them.

When everything is defeated, Jak must use his Peace Maker to destroy the large serpent-like creature attached to the Terraformer.

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