South Town

South Town (also called Industrial Town) is one of the more advanced areas of Haven City in Jak II: Renegade. It is destroyed during the Metal Head War, meaning it is seen completely ruined (almost) in Jak 3. It is blocked by the Red Security Wall, meaning Jak and Daxter must obtain the Red Security Pass before they are able to reach this area. It is the area of town with the highest population, as it also includes the Port.


[edit] Jak II

[edit] Environment

This area holds the Sewers, a Transport Zoomer to The Dig, the Hip Hog Saloon, and the Power Station. It is the area with the most different sections that can be accessed when the subsections of the subsections are included.

It is one of the best looking areas in Haven City, but it has also been a target during the Metal Head War. It is not known why, but before the invasion of the Metal Heads, this area already has crumpled pillars, and ruined bridges. It could be assumed that this is a remnant of what was not fixed from the former Metal Head War.

As it is the most technologically advanced, it is possible that this area is Gol and Maia's Citadel from the Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. During that time period, that area was by far the most advanced (that was relatively civilized), second only to Sandover Village.

[edit] People

Despite this being such a large area, there are not very many people that can actually be interacted with. However, the ones who do interact with Jak and Daxter will be visited quite often.

One of these people is Krew, the owner of the Hip Hog Saloon. He works as a smuggler, and gives missions to Jak. He also provides the group with their Morph Gun, as well as all of the updates (Weapon Upgrades and Ammo Capacity) that are given to them throughout the game (except for the Vulcan Barrel upgrade). He is a supplier for the Underground.

The next one is Sig, Krew's assistant in the bar. He carries around a form of the Morph Gun, known as the Peace Maker. His main job is to get Krew "trophies" to hang in the Saloon. He doesn't give very many missions, but he is there to assist Jak and Daxter when they need help.

Another mission-giver is Vin, a wacky technical member of the Krimzon Guard who works as a traitor, also helping the Underground. He is found in the Power Station, and has one of the only working Warp Gates left in the entire world. He is a ridiculously smart man, but he is deathly afraid of the Metal Heads after being held hostage in the Strip Mine by them.

Tess also works with Krew and Sig at the bar, but as a bartender. She is a member of the Underground (not to Krew's knowledge), but will not give any missions. She just plays the love interest for Daxter, and encourages him during the Whack-A-Metal-Head game in the Hip Hog Saloon.

[edit] Jak 3

[edit] Environment

Half of South Town (mainly the Industrial section) has been completely ruined by the Metal Heads during Jak 3. The connection is completely cut off, and must be regained via a KG Blast Bot exploding in front of the wall of rubble that divides the Port and Industrial Town.

The Port is now home to the base of the Freedom League, which was once known as the Hip Hog Saloon. It is now known as the Naughty Ottsel, and is owned by Daxter. Torn manages the area as the leader of the Freedom League while Jak and Daxter are in the Wasteland, and all throughout the Metal Head War.

The majority of this area is still intact. There are however destroyed areas, and new security walls have been put up to make sure nobody gets into the Industrial zone where all of the Metal Heads are. The Gun Course and the Naughty Ottsel seem to have no visible injuries, except for the Ottsel's head flying off because of a missile during the game.

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