Jak and Daxter in the Slums
Residents Torn
The Shadow
Connected Areas Dead Town
Pumping Station
First Appearance Jak II: Renegade
Other Appearance(s) Jak 3

The Slums are one of the main areas in Haven City in Jak II: Renegade and Jak 3. It is the first subtown that Jak and Daxter are able to travel through. This area of the City seems to be the one with the most poor people, and the desolate houses and systems. There is broken piping all throughout the town, as well as Zoomers lying around everywhere, presumably left by residents of The Slums.


[edit] Jak II

[edit] Environment

This area houses the hideout for The Underground, and is the place of the only Oracle in Jak II that is accessible through normal means (there is one in Sandover Village if a certain exploit is performed. However, that Oracle doesn't do anything). It is also the location of areas like Dead Town (former Sandover Village), the Pumping Station, and the Krimzon Guard Fortress.

It is assumed that this area is called "The Slums" because of the broken piping and dank environment. Torn is the first person to call it The Slums in the game, when going on the first Pumping Station mission to turn the water back on.

[edit] People

The Slums seem to be home to people like Torn and The Shadow (and possibly Tess, who may also live in South Town), who are members of The Underground. There are also four other Underground Agents who live here in safe houses (one of these members being Jinx). While it is not known if they live here or not, there are many Krimzon Guard members who patrol the area 24/7. If they do live in The Slums, it is assumed that they live in the Krimzon Guard Fortress.

Often, the Krimzon Guards patrolling the area will mention that "the smell of this sector is horrible". This is probably because of all the sewage that leaks out of the sewer pipes and ducts throughout the game.

[edit] Jak 3

[edit] Environment

In Jak 3, The Slums are under fire thanks to the Dark Makers and Metal Heads during the Metal Head War. There is shooting, and this is one of the three main war zones (the others being the Port and South Town). Jak and Daxter do however visit this area during one of their missions, and it can be revisited afterwards as many times as necessary.

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