Sky Pirates

The Sky Pirates are a group of outlandish pirates in Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier. At the beginning of the game they serve as enemies, trying to steal eco from anyone they can find, living under the rule of "every man for himself". As the game progresses you join the pirates and as a result, they become allies. They help you by giving you missions and new ships.

[edit] As Antagonists

At the beginning of the game, they try and stop you from reaching the Aeropan city. They shoot you down, and maroon you on an island next to the brink of the world. Later, you engage in a battle with them in the sky. After you almost destroy the Phantom Blade, their main base, you land in the Aeropan City. Then, their leader, Phoenix, kidnaps Keira and robs you of the Eco Seeker. After chasing Phoenix, Jak is trialled and becomes a member of the Sky Pirates. Their role as antagonists ends here.

[edit] As Protagonists

After the trials they become Jak's allies. They allow him to use all of their facilities, including the hangar and customization port. They also allow him to steer the ship every now and then, and they stop shooting at you. They offer up ships for you to buy, and send you on Supply Missions.

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