Name Sig
Role Wastelander Spy, Krew's Right Hand Man
Elements Neutral
Residence Spargus city
First Appearance Jak II
Other Appearances Jak 3
Jak X: Combat Racing

[edit] Information

Sig is a Wastelander sent to Haven City by Damas after his exile as a spy. He was first introduced into the games during Jak II as a servant of Krew. You must go on missions with him throughout the time frame of the game, and he will assign missions if Krew is gone.

In Jak 3 he is redeeming his pride due to his refusal to fight Jak in an arena battle in Spargus. This is done by revealing that he is a spy for Damas and all of the Wastelanders. His mission was to find Damas's son, Mar, in Haven City. In the final scenes of the game, he replaces Damas as the king of Spargus.

He also appears in Kras City during the middle of Jak X: Combat Racing to help Jak and the others escape the poison they drank in the first scene. Triggering this event unlocks Sig as a playable racer in multiplayer.

[edit] Role in Jak II

Sig's main role in Jak II is Krew's right hand man; his associate if you will.

It's not untill after Torn gives you the mission to deliver a bag of Eco Ore to Krew that you see Sig for the first time. After you complete this mission Sig should hand you the Scatter Gun, then you recieve another Mission to complete the Gun course. The next time he appears you have to go outside the city walls with him. After that, he gives you his patented Peacekeeper gun.

Sig is a helpful character to Jak and Daxter in most games. He also has a tendency to call Jak and Daxter, "Cherries."

[edit] Plothole

One of the biggest mysteries in the series is Sig's apparent "death". While on the run from a Metalpede, Sig stops to talk to Jak and Daxter, congratulating them on their out-running of the Metalpede and telling them that they are true Wastelanders. However, as he ends his speech, the Metalpede comes through the ceiling and lands on Sig, taking him down an abyssal hole with it, and therefore giving the impression that Sig is in fact, dead.

However, in the final scene of the game, Sig appears next to Jak, apparently unharmed. They also speak to each other as if nothing had happened. There are no more references to this incident after it happened, even in the next games.

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