Sentinel Beach

Sentinel Beach
Sentinel Beach.jpg
Concept Art of Sentinel Beach
Residents N/A
Connected Area(s) Sandover Village
First Appearance Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
Other Appearance(s) N/A

Sentinel Beach is a tropic-oriented area found near Sandover Village in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. It is covered in boxes and Precursor Orbs, and has many Scout Flies on it.


[edit] Precursor Legacy

Sentinel Beach is used in the game as a place to collect power cells. The main mission there is to unblock Samos's green eco vents, which rewards you with a power cell. However, there are other missions there that reward you with power cells too as listed below.

[edit] Post Precursor Legacy

Sentinel Beach is not seen after the events of The Precursor Legacy. However, it can be said that Haven City was built over it.

[edit] Environment

Sentinel Beach is a colorful beach filled with gas lamps, windmills, and other such objects that add to its color. It is home to many natural resources, such as the ocean and the large waterfall that crashes down from the top of the cliffs.

This area is home to many animals, such as the Mutt, Seagull, Pelican, and other such creatures. There are seven Scout Flies that can be found here. It is also learned (thanks to the Bird-Lady) that the Flut-Flut is a resident animal here, but most were taken away by agressive monsters. There is, however, a Flut-Flut Egg that is found resting on a cliff here until Jak and Daxter knock it down and give it to the Bird-Lady.

The only item boxes here are those that resemble chests (those that usually hold the Green Eco), and the strong, metal boxes that can only be opened through a bomb from the Cannons, or the fierce homing power of Yellow Eco, which is not found on the beach.

[edit] Eco

There are a few different types of Eco here. These include Blue Eco and Green Eco. However, to obtain the full potential of both in the area, the Forbidden Jungle needs to be defeated, and there needs to be one mission done on the beach. Afterwards, Eco Vents with these types of Eco will be unlocked, and will be usable.

There are Launch Pads on the beach that require the use of Blue Eco in order to jump through. Other than that, there is no real use for the Eco that is found on the beach.

[edit] Enemies

There is a large variety of enemies found on Sentinel Beach, including those like the Mutt, Sand Dragon, Lurker, and Crab. Most are easily defeated with a punch or kick.

However, there is one that cannot be defeated that is known as the Lurker Shark. It is found residing in the water, and will gobble anyone up who dares to enter its territory, which starts as soon as the main area of the beach is left at all. They will jump out of the water and eat those who mess with them, and they cannot be defeated. They can very rarely be escaped.

[edit] Missions

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