Scatter Gun

Jak with the Scatter Gun ; Watch out enemies, here he comes!

The Scatter Gun is a weapon that first appears in Jak II: Renegade. It is given to him by Krew, who specializes in weaponry. It appears in Jak 3 as part of the Red Gun Mod series, being the first weapon.

[edit] Information

It is a very basic gun, but has the potential to be devastating to enemies. Like a modified shotgun, it has quite a short range, but has a very wide range. When fired it lets out a wide burst of Red gunfire.

Since the ammo is powered by Red Eco, the Scatter Gun has the characteristics of Red Eco. This includes great strength and blowback to enemies, but slow reaction time. The Scatter Gun takes longer than most guns to reload, however this reload time can be sped up by using an upgrade for it (appropriately named Scatter Gun Rate of Fire upgrade). It is good to use when the player is surrounded by enemies and cannot punch and kick their way through easily, though the player may find that punching, kicking and shooting this gun is very effective in combat situations.

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