Sandover Village

[edit] Appearance

Sandover Village is the first hub in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. There are no enemies here except the Lurker Sharks, which kill you if you swim too far out into the ocean. Here, you'll find villagers such as The Mayor, The Explorer, The Sculptor, The Farmer, and the Bird Lady. The empty hut found here belongs to the Fisherman. Samos's hut is also located here. You can access Geyser Rock, Misty Island, Forbidden Jungle, Sentinel Beach, and the Fire Canyon from here.

Sandover Village also appears in Jak II: Renegade. It can be seen during the first cutscene in the game, but can not be played in through normal means. There is a glitch called the Scene Player Glitch which allows you to play Sandover Village, but the entire area will be empty and void of humans. There are, however, seagulls that are flying around, as well as a Precursor Oracle that is no longer working. Jak can explore part of the first two worlds connected to Sandover Village (Forbidden Jungle and Sentinel Beach), as well as visit all of the houses. In the houses can be found Krimzon Guard Crates where the Scout Fly Boxes used to be. This may mean that the village was going to be playable, but was removed at the last minute of development.

[edit] Power Cells

Sandover Village has six Power Cells.

  • Give 90 Precursor Orbs to the Mayor
  • Give 90 Precursor Orbs to your Uncle
  • Herd the Yakows into the Pen
  • Give 120 Precursor Orbs to the Oracle
  • Give 120 Precursor Orbs to the Oracle
  • Free 7 Scout Flies

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