Samos Hagai

Samos Hagai
Name Samos Hagai
Role Main character, Sage
Elements Green
Residence Sandover Village
Haven City
Relations Keira Hagai (Daughter)
First Appearance Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
Other Appearances Jak II
Jak 3
Jak X: Combat Racing
Cameos N/A

Samos Hagai (the Green Sage) is the master of Green Eco and is one of the main characters in the series. He has appeared in all of the PS2 games and is a very important character in each.

As a result of his exposure to Green Eco, his skin has turned a green colour. He dons a log on top of his head and long white hair tied around it with a white beard. He stands on smaller logs and wears them in the style of sandals. He also wields a staff.


[edit] Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

Samos is one of the five sages that are knowledable about the different types of eco. Samos lives in Sandover Village in a small hut and is in charge of channeling and harvesting Green Eco throughout the world. He, along with his daughter, Keira, start Jak and Daxter on their epic first adventure. It starts when Jak and Daxter deliberately disobey Samos' orders not to go to Misty Island. After Daxter transforms into an Ottsel (as a result of falling into a Dark Eco pool on Misty Island), Samos orders them to go and visit Gol Acheron - the Dark Eco sage - to restore Daxter to his previous form.

From then on Samos is available as a means of advice and hints as to where they should go next. Each time Jak and Daxter enter a new village, they must activate the portal so that Samos and Keira can arrive there without hassle.

Nearer to the conclusion of the adventure, Samos is captured by Gol so that Jak cannot advance through Gol and Maia's Citadel. Jak frees him, though at the price of a powerful Precursor Robot being surrendered to Gol and Maia. During the climactic that follows, Samos and the other 3 sages help out Jak by combining all their eco powers, artificially creating White Eco; a powerful eco used to destroy Gol and Maia in the final battle. After this battle, Samos emphasises that "they SHOULD be gone...SHOULD be..."

In the final scene of the game (when a large precursor door reveals a white, blinding light), Samos exclaims "By the precursors...!"

[edit] Jak II

In Jak II, when Jak and Daxter meet The Shadow they find out that the Shadow turns out to be a younger version of Samos. They are confused and do not know how this could have happened. When they break into Krimzon Guard Headquarters, they find the jailed older Samos that they knew before. He yells at them for not rescuing him earlier. Then later, old Samos and young Samos are seen discussing plans to fight off the Metal Heads in the Underground's hideout. They are seen working together on numerous other occasions. At the end of the game, young Samos takes a younger Jak in a time machine to go back to the time in the first game.

It is interesting to note that even after the young Samos and the young Jak return home, you can still see him meditating in the Haven Forest.

[edit] Jak 3

In the flashbacks during Jak 3, Samos assures Jak that he made all the right decisions in his previous adventure. As the building they inhabit collapses, Jak is separated from Samos and they do not see each other for a long while.

Upon returning to Haven City, Jak sees Samos with Keira in Haven City (though separated by a security barrier). He tells Jak that he needs to save the city from the destruction ahead and then you're on your way to saving it.

Later on when Jak is reunited with Freedom League HQ, Samos echoes "You're late", much to Daxter's surprise. From then on, his main purpose is to assign Jak missions, usually involving the southern section of Haven Forest.

[edit] Quotes

  • "I'm gonna keep yappin'! Because in my professional opinion, the change is an improvement."
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