Rock Village

Rock Village

Concept Art of Rock Village
Residents Geologist
Blue Sage
Connected Area(s) Lost Precursor City
Boggy Swamp
Precursor Basin
Mountain Pass
First Appearance Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

Rock Village is the village where the Blue Sage lives.

[edit] Precursor Legacy

Rock Village acts as a hub in the game. It is the seconed hub in the game. Its surroundings include Precursor Basin, Lost Precursor City, Boggy Swamp, Fire Canyon, and Mountain Pass. During the game, a huge lurker named Klaww is bumbarding the village with firery boulders. Jak finally defeats him once he gains enough power cells, saving the village.

[edit] Geography

Rock village has a mountainous terrain.

[edit] Post Precursor Legacy

It is unkown what happened to Rock Village after the Metal Head Wars. However, it is possible that it got destroyed by the metal heads.

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