Racing Stadium

The Racing Stadium is an area in Jak II: Renegade. It is home to many of the races, as well as the JET-Board Stadium Challenge. It is the most important public area in the north section of Haven City, as many people can be found here during all of the races, and many people are surrounding it when there is not a race going on.

It also appears in Jak 3. However, it is destroyed during the Metal Head War, and is known as the Stadium Ruins.

[edit] People

There is only one person that resides here that has been revealed, and that is Keira Hagai, who now works as a mechanic for Jak's racing team. It is possible that Erol spends the majority of his time here, instead of the Palace, as he is the racing champion for all of Haven City during the majority of Jak II.

During the Races, the majority of the residents in Haven City are here, watching them. The notable residents that have watched the races are Baron Praxis, Jak, and Ashelin.

[edit] Races

The Racing Stadium is home to many of the Zoomer races in Haven City. It is also where the JET-Board Stadium Challenge it held.

The races/challenges that can be found here are:

Every race with the exception of the Port Race and City Race can be found and played through many times here.

There is a City Kiosk near the walls of the Stadium that allows the player to choose which race they would like to participate in. Everything inside the Stadium seems to be moved by a large machine, as the Stadium changes immediately after the object on the Kiosk is picked.

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