Concept Artwork of the Precursors

Precursors are the ones who created the worlds. They can control any precursor item, including Oracles, holagrams, and robots. In Jak And Daxter The Precursor Legacy, they were thought to be a human with magnificent powers. They were, in fact, the creators of Eco. All of the precursor items have a goldish-brown color to them. In Jak 2, a mountain is the main source of Precursor artifacts. You can also find them in Mar's Tomb. In that very location, a Precursor egg was found. The egg could make anything happen. If destroyed however, the whole world would be gone forever. Krew and Baron Praxis were trying to do that. But Krew was killed by Jak and when Baron Praxis was going into the Metal Head Nest with the egg, Metal Kor took the egg and killed the baron. Then Kor tried to destroy the egg while killing the "kid" and the regular Jak. But, Jak killed Kor and protected the kid. The same projected being from Jak 3 came and accepted the egg and congratulated Jak and Daxter. In Jak 3, you get Precursor Armor, and find Precursor artifacts in the Wasteland and the Monk Temple. You also go in the Catacombs, a place where you travel in Precursor Zoomers in a Precursor area. Later on, You meet the Precursors, who are Ottsels, stating that Daxter is a Precursor. Count Veger wants to be a Precursor, but, hates the outcome, because he is an ottsel. In the end, Samos says " The whole time I've been looking for a group of furballs." The Precursors also offer Jak to come to help them fight the Dark Makers, but he declines. The first Precursor to be eaten was Count Veger, as revealed in Jak X. He was swallowed by Kleiver. A Dark Maker is a Precursor who has been touched by Dark Eco. They look like monsters, which are very different looking from regular Precursors. In Jak 3, they start going to Jak's planet. That is also the time in which the war between the Precursors and Dark Makers began. In Jak and Daxter the Lost Frontier, the planet "The Brink", was the only planet the Precursors didn't finish. So Jak, Daxter, and Keira have to finish the planet themselves.

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