Precursor Mountain Temple

The Precursor Mountain Temple is an area in Jak II: Renegade located inside the Bazaar. It is built exactly like a normal Precursor Temple (like the one found in the Forbidden Jungle), but is integrated into mountains. There are many Precursor Artifacts that are found here. During the events of Jak II, Onin sends Jak and Daxter here in order to gather three Precursor Artifacts related to the Seal of Mar. It was built around the Haven Forest by the Precursor race.

This area houses many Metal Heads during the Metal Head War, as well as a few other enemies that are found everywhere in Haven City and the adjacent areas. There is a large species of Metal Head here that acts as a sub-boss, protecting the switches that manipulate the Temple's sections.

The Precursor Mountain Temple is accessed via a Warp Gate found outside the City Gates in the Bazaar area.


[edit] Precursor Artifacts

[edit] Mission

Onin and Pecker send Jak and Daxter to the Mountain Temple in order to obtain three different Precursor Artifacts. These objects are found in three different shrines in the Mountain Temple.

It is learned later that these artifacts are used to bring back the fabled Light Temple, which would reveal the Tomb of Mar. They must be placed in three different sections in the Mountain Temple, which would bring a tower out of the ground that would shine light on the Tomb.

[edit] Other

These Precursor Artifacts are found all throughout the Precursor Mountain Temple, meaning that there is not only one of these in the entire world of Haven City.

[edit] Environment

The Mountain Temple is flooded with Dark Eco, presumably introduced sometime after the Precursors built the temple. However, there are Precursor Cubes that Jak can push in order to guide himself over the Dark Eco. There are also Precursor Platforms floating over the Dark Eco and gaps in certain sections of the Temple. To turn these platforms over, they must be shot with the Morph Gun.

As it is a mountain, there are avalanches in the sections not protected by the Temple. In one section, Jak must jump up the falling rocks in order to get to the top of the ledge, and save himself from the landslide. There are various enemies that have also been caught in this landslide which Jak must kill either with physical contact or through use of the Morph Gun.

The Metal Head enemies that are found in the Mountain Temple consist of many of the different types of Metal Head, including the Metal Scorpion and Metal Shield. The most common type of Morph Gun upgrade used here is the Blaster Gun to defeat the Metal Shield, and the Scatter Gun to defeat the large hordes of Metal Scorpions. However, there is an equal amount of ammo in the Krimzon Guard Crates for each of these types of guns, and when Jak returns for the second time, there is an equal amount of ammo for the four different guns he has.

The Mountain Temple is filled with Precursor decorations, such as statues and shrines. One of the three different shrines in the Mountain Temple is a large machine that moves quickly (thanks to its power source - Blue Eco). This shrine is the shrine of the Precursor Gear, which seems to be an essential piece of the machinery, for when Daxter removes it, everything crashes.

One of the other shrines is filled with Precursor Statues that resemble a Precursor Robot that is sitting down. The very last shrine is just a big Precursor Platform in the sky, which has no fancy decoration. It is covered with walls, and has a skylight provided by the Precursor Lens, which burns Daxter's tail.

There is one other shrine that is accessed much later than the first three. It is called Mar's Gate by Onin, Pecker and The Shadow. When the Seal of Mar is used, the door to Mar's Gate opens, and Jak and Daxter are able to continue on. When the entire area is traversed, many cliffs are found. After they reach Mar's Gate, they just find a bunch of rubble. However, after the three artifacts are placed in their respective areas, the Temple of Light arises from the river that is located here. It shines light onto Mar's Tomb, and destroys the statue of Mar on top of it. This gives Jak and Daxter access to their next area.

  • For detailed information on the sub-area of the Precursor Mountain Temple, see Haven Forest.

[edit] Music

The music that plays throughout the Mountain Temple is reminiscent to that music that plays on Sentinel Beach in the first game. There is however, more percussion that is added. This is a representation of how the entire area is similar to that in terms of Precursor Artifacts and events that occur.

In musical terms, the music found in this area has been expanded through rests in the music, and the music has had its tempo partially sped up. This actually makes the song sound longer, which is not what speeding up the tempo is supposed to do normally.

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