Phoenix as seen in Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier
Race Name Human
Armor Heavy (with ship)
Weaponry Turrets, Bombs (with ship)
Relations None
Occupations Leader of the Sky Pirates
First Appearance Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier
Other Appearances None
Cameos None

Phoenix is the leader of the rebel group, the Sky Pirates. He knows exactly what he wants to do, and when he wants to do it. He doesn't want to be betrayed by anybody, or anything.

[edit] Biography

Phoenix is the captain of the Sky Pirates, and their amazing ship, the Phantom Blade. He rarely ever steps on the ground. He's one of those people who sticks to his job.

Pheonix has a major know-it-all attitude. He knows what he's doing, how he wants it done, and when it should be done. He's good with planning skills, and all around is just incredible at what he does. He's not a fan of the Aeropan people, especially Duke Skyheed. He wants them all dead as soon as possible, and hopes the Sky Pirates will help him achieve that goal.

Phoenix hints that he likes Keira by getting angry whenever she sides with Jak. His sidekick, Klout, also helps in hinting that at the very beginning of the game. There are multiple hints that he likes Keira, but Keira isn't a huge fan of him. It is hinted that Keira likes him at the very beginning of the game after Phoenix kidnaps her, and at the end of the game. He also fights Jak for her in the introduction movie of the game.

Phoenix later becomes an ally to Jak, though not always on the best of terms. He is constantly in competition with Jak to win Keira, and gets very frustrated when Keira chooses Jak over him, even going as far as to leave the ship. Despite this, Phoenix does show a large amount of respect for Jak, acknowledging him as a worthy member of the Sky Pirates. He shows no disdain for Daxter, though he does offer him the usual (now generic) insults, such as "orange rat".

Phoenix apparently has strong links with Far Drop, as this is where he gets most of his supplies. He always favours going to Far Drop before going on vital missions, and rushes to aid Far Drop when they are attacked.

In the later stages of the game, Phoenix reveals that he was once an Aeropan, but left the city after he and Klout were chosen to perform Dark Eco experiments for Duke Skyheed. They worked closely with Tym during this time.

When the group eventually finds the Eco Core, Phoenix is betrayed by Klout when he sides with Duke Skyheed. He is then left to lead the Sky Pirates alone.

In the climax of the game, as the Behemoth gains energy from the Eco Core, Phoenix realises that Jak cannot destroy the Behemoth without first interrupting the energy transfer from the Eco Core. He proceeds to drive the Phantom Blade in the direction of the energy transfer in an attempt to disrupt the link; he succeeds, but at the price of his ship and, presumably, his life. Keira does show affection for Phoenix at this point, crying for him.

[edit] Machinery

He uses mass machinery. His entire ship deck is loaded with cannons, and the inside isn't high tech by the looks of it, but when you enter the rooms, you'll see different machinery. The best he built is probably the Hangar, where you store the airships. It has different moving platforms, something that can customize ships (possibly hinting to cranes and such), and some other objects. Other than the ship, it isn't seen that he is using energy, other than the Eco Seeker.

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