Pecker 'interprets' for Onin
Name Pecker
Role Support character
Elements Neutral
Residence Haven City, Spargus
Relations None
First Appearance Jak II
Other Appearances Jak 3
Jak X: Combat Racing

Pecker is a supporting character which appears in Jak II and Jak 3, and becomes playable in Jak X. He functions primarily as Onin's voice, interpreting her sign language into comprehensible wisdom for the others. He appears to be half-bird and half-monkey, with an attitude to boot.


[edit] Information

Pecker first makes his presence known to Jak and Daxter about a quarter of the way into Jak II. Having been given a pass to see Onin by Ashelin the duo enter her hut, in which Daxter mistakes an upside down Pecker as a piece of merchandise. He gets off on the wrong foot with him immediately, and his big mouth means Onin has to constantly keep him in check to make sure he doesn't 'misinterpret' her.

[edit] Role in Jak II

After Pecker introduces himself in Jak II he quickly makes it apparent he takes his job pretty lightly. He skips over bits of Onin's greeting and sums up her instructions because its "cutting into my siesta time," as he puts it. He tells them that to gain the answers they seek they must acquire three artifacts from a Precursor temple outside of town.

Upon gaining the artifacts, Pecker informs them via radio that Onin will search the timeline for answers. Jak and Daxter's paths do not cross with Pecker or Onin until some time later. When they do meet them at the hut once more when Samos is present, who has been revealed as the Shadow.

Apparently Onin has found her answers, and Pecker informs them they must find the Tomb of Mar, which contains the Precursor Stone. Baron Praxis is apparently also seeking the stone, which he hopes to use as a weapon. They tell Jak that his first step is to find the seal of Mar, the first piece they believe being in the Lurker Tunnels.

They gain this and another piece of the seal, however the final piece eludes them. Finally coming back to Onin's hut they find her in conversation with Kor, apparently over the heir to the throne. Onin then states that she will give Jak the third piece of the seal if he completes her mental challenge. He does, and then Pecker reveals that the seal is needed to gain access to a famous light tower which supposedly will point to the tomb of Mar. He then proceeds to sing a song about the tower, "From the mists of time, Mar's light would shine..." with a voice which Jak describes coming from "Iron lungs."

Jak and Daxter activate the tower using the three artifacts they found earlier at the temple, upon which it leads them to the tomb. Unfortunately Baron Praxis also finds the tomb, and steals the stone out from right under their noses. While trying to get it back Samos tells them he needs a seed from the tree of life. They obtain it and take it to Onin in order to prepare. Apparently due to running late though they mess with Pecker's schedule, who had to skip lunch waiting for them. Unfortunately he sees the seed as a good replacement.

Upon Pecker remarking "Mmmmm bird seed..." Daxter and Pecker begin a verbal and then almost physical confrontation, both going into karate positions. Luckily Jak breaks up the fight, and then Jak and Daxter take the now prepared seed to Samos, who apparently will give him his sagely powers.

Inevitably the Metal Heads gain access to the city, and the final confrontation occurs between the Metal Head Leader and Jak, and the city is saved. To celebrate the whole gang has a party at the Naughty Ottsel, Krew's bar, which has been taken over by Daxter. Hilariously Onin gets drunk, and when Daxter tells her to stop drinking she blasts him. When Daxter then asks what she is saying Pecker hilariously replies "Something about rubber tubing and certain parts of your mother, you don't wanna know..." Ironically his last interpretation for Onin in the game is one he doesn't want to say.

Pecker follows Samos, Sig and of course Jak and Daxter out front. When Samos hints towards more challenges in the future Pecker pops in and attempts to say mysteriously "You never know what the future may hold." only for Daxter to accuse him of hiding something, and then attack him. The two fight, fur and feathers seen flying everywhere, only pulled apart finally by Sig, the two staring daggers at each others as they are held up by their tails. The first of many fights.

[edit] Jak 3

Pecker continues to make appearances in the sequel, Jak 3. In fact he seems to have an even bigger role than the last game, and shows up almost immediately in the opening cutscene.

He along with Daxter make complaints to Count Veger upon his sentence of being banished to the Wasteland. He states that "This is an outrage! I am outraged beyond words." and ironically then makes a small speech on how this is all nonsense. This burst of bravery seems to be squashed a second later he is asked whether this a request to join Jak, with Pecker then admitting he is "not that outraged."

Pecker along with Daxter, Ashelin, Count Veger and the others are believed to then fly off in the dropship, leaving him for dead. But appearing in the dust cloud just as it flies off is Pecker and Daxter. Pecker states enthusiastically "What a team we'll make!" only for him and Daxter to disagree on which direction to take.

The trio make their way across the Wasteland, apparently getting no where and eventually all collapsing under the heat and lack of water. After several flashbacks by Jak explaining the situation back at Haven City they are found by Damas, Kleiver and a few others. They take them to shelter.

After being introduced to these people as Wastelander's and more specifically their king, Damas, Jak and Daxter have to prove to their worth in the arena. They run into Pecker announcing the match, who apparently has been made Damas's new councilor. He hilariously tries to speak for his new master, but Daxter quickly points out he can talk for himself. This doesn't deter him though, which annoys the king to no end.

After Jak and Daxter have been introduced to Kleiver and met Seem, as well as obtained their first vehicles in the bet with the former they meet up with Damas and Pecker again. Pecker informs the king that Jak has vehicle skills, and the Wastelander king then informs Jak to go make a run into the desert to collect some Precursor artifacts.

Upon gaining the artifacts Jak and Daxter meet up with Pecker and Damas once more. Pecker once more tries to speak for Damas, but is grabbed by the lips by Damas, who has finally had enough.

When the duo have accomplished several more tasks they are called upon for their second arena challenge to win their Wastelander citizenship. After the battle Pecker brags to Daxter about the advantages of being with the king, remarking that he has a "harem of love birds" After a series of taunts the two are once more drawn into a fist fight with one another, only stopped at the last second by Damas.

After a great deal more exploring Jak is finally recalled to Spargus for his final arena match, the one which will earn him his right to stay in the city. Pecker again serves as commentator, and once more annoys Damas by describing to everyone all of Damas's brilliant qualities. The arena match doesn't go as planned, when Jak and Daxter refuse to kill Sig, also fighting in the arena, they are set back to phase 1.

Pecker next meets the duo in the far off Precursor Temple, saying he had been searching for the two, though just how he knew about the place and guessed Jak and Daxter would be there is unexplained. He has evidently had some contact with his master Onin, as he relay's her instructions to him, telling them to get back to Haven City and that the Catacombs may well be the key to saving the planet.

He accompanies them on their trip through the tunnels, and arrives with them at a abandoned Eco Mine, then flying ahead to tell Onin their back. Pecker then apparently links up with the Freedom League HQ, and is cut off from Jak for some time until he manages to to break into the area, which is behind KG territory.

He along with Samos greets Jak and Daxter with rather unwarm greetings, asking why they took so damn long. When Daxter begins to recount his greatly embellished stories of his adventures in the Wasteland, Pecker sneaks behind him to frighten him, only for the room to shake as the enemy launch a assault on the base.

After Jak deals with the attack he returns to the room, and along with the others tries to figure out a way to shut down the KG war factory, the source of all the deathbots. Onin via Pecker then tells them a power switch in the sewers would able them to get to a cipher they need to gain access.

He meets up with them near the end of the game at Onin's hut, the old soothsayer warning them of evil forces at work, and that they must breach the Catacombs now or lose all hope, volunteering Pecker as a guide which he stupidly says in the middle of rant before he even realizes it. He agrees to meet them at the catacombs, but only if the coast is clear.

When the two reaches him he appears prepared to lead them, but takes flight when a trio of Dark Maker Satellites appear, corning Jak and Daxter. The two naturally escape, though Pecker fails to return. He disappears for the rest of the finale, until the end of the game that is.

With everyone gathered congratulating Jak the topic of more adventures arises, and Pecker jumps in with the same line near the start of the game "Ah...what a team we are!" Daxter appears to accept him as a partner, only to pull away from the handshake at the last second, calling "PSYCH!" to the great annoyance of the half parrot, half monkey.

[edit] Role in Jak X

Pecker again returns for the combat racing spin off Jak X, and for the first time ever becomes a playable character, though only after being purchased as a multiplayer skin.

Pecker first appears in the singleplayer in the first quarter of the game, introduced as G.T. Blitz's co-host on his show. Blitz puts a good face on the situation at first, though he certainly seems to take a dim view of not always being the center of attention. This mask quickly falls apart when Pecker accidentally bumps him hard enough to upset his wig, and proceeds to strangle him as a 'Technical Difficulties' sign comes up.

Pecker continues to appear on the show despite this, his next episode having him and Blitz comment on the first qualifier for the big championship race. Blitz putting his bets on UR-86, noting his "Confidence, his poise, his game face is just rock solid." only for Pecker to logically point out "Yeah, well he's a robot."

The tension between the two continues to rise as the story continues, Blitz taking to cut Pecker off at any opportunity, the half-bird half monkey hardly takes it lying down either, in one case giving the TV host the finger. In one instance Blitz even rages at Pecker, swearing and threatening him. Increasingly it also becomes apparent Blitz wants Jak and Daxter to lose, constantly predicting their deaths, while Pecker having seen what the two are capable of does the opposite.

Later in another episode of the show Pecker in a discussion with Blitz finds out his father was a combat racer, and died on the track Jak is about to race on. He has also apparently been doing some digging into underworld affairs, and finds out the events have been fixed for some time by the Mizo crime family. He tells Jak and the others this, and promises to find out more. When Jak's racer is later sabotaged in a attempt to make him die in a event, Pecker along with the others reveals that the explosives used where the same kind used to disable Blitz's father's vehicle when he died. Inferring the same people who tried to kill Jak killed Blitz's father. He shrugs it off however

He and Pecker are later seen eating in a bar, Blitz eating a giant drumstick, again setting Pecker off due to his bird heritage. Revealing to Jak and the others when they show up that Mizo is bringing in a mystery race for the final race. This turns out to Blitz himself, and Pecker then takes over as commentator for the final race.

Afterward Pecker congratulates the two on their win, only for Blitz to walk up to them, revealing himself to be Mizo. His plan to kill them is thwarted though when Pecker comes up behind him with the video camera, revealing the crime lord for who he is to over "200 million" viewers, saying "Every star has to fall, right Mizo?" This is his final line for the game, with Mizo running off with the antidote, only to be killed by Jak, the team winning both the championship and saving themselves from the poison which had forced them to race in the first place.

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