An ottsel is a species of otters and weasels mixed. They are related to the muse. Know characters are:Count Veger, Daxter, Dark Daxter, Tess, and the Precursors. Daxter used to be an orange faced boy, but he and Jak went to Misty Island and Jak found a red Eco barrel. A lurker saw them and attacked them. As a means of defense, Jak threw the barrel, and the explosion pushed Jak back, knocking Daxter into a pool of Dark Eco. Later, Daxter fell into a sewer and was covered in Dark eco. He changed into a huge, brown ottsel. He becomes Dark Daxter. The Precursors are ottsels. In Jak 3, Veger was changed into an ottsel because he wanted to be a Precursor and stepped into the light before Jak. He, against his will, became Kleiver's sidekick. Later in Jak X, it is revealed he has been eaten. At the end of Jak 3, Tess wished she had some pants like Daxter, and the Precursors changed her into an ottsel, while also giving her the pants she so desired. There is a way to be changed from an ottsel into a human. It is know as White Eco (Or Light Eco). Ottsels are commonly referred to "Rats" or "Furballs".

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