Naughty Ottsel

The Naughty Ottsel is a bar that is found in the Port section of New Haven Port and Haven City. It was formerly entitled the Hip Hog Haven Saloon, which was run by Krew. After he was killed, Daxter became the owner, and changed its name and appearance.

[edit] Appearances

The Naughty Ottsel appears after the main game is completed in Jak II. However, it serves no real purpose in the game, and is overall useless after being built. This all changes in Jak 3, where Torn takes over while Jak and Daxter were exiled and thrown out to the Wasteland.

Torn changes it to serve as the Freedom League HQ for the Port in order to link up with the main Freedom League HQ in New Haven. Inside, there is now a large table with holographic capabilities, which are seen when Torn tries to contact the Freedom League Base. He sees Ashelin, but a strange face appears on the holographic table due to a signal interference.

The bar setting remains intact throughout Jak 3, but it is not used. The Ottsel mascot outside on top of the building is destroyed when Jak and Daxter hijack an Eco Vehicle that is being chased by homing missiles.

[edit] People

The only people who are found very often in the Naughty Ottsel are Torn, Jak and Daxter. However, Jinx, a former member of the Underground, can also be found in here when Jak is supposed to use a KG Blast Bot to connect with the New Haven Freedom League HQ.

Unlike the last game, Tess and Sig never appear here. Tess is found working in the Gun Course, designing guns to help the resistance. Sig is found in the Wasteland, working alongside Damas, where he has been loyal ever since his exiling from Haven City.

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