Metal Juicer

Metal Juicer
Metal Juicer.jpg
Concept art of the Metal Juicer
Race Metal Head
Armor Very Strong
Weapon Gunstaff/Juice Rod
Relations Metal Kor (leader)
First Appearance Jak II: Renegade
Other Appearance(s) Jak 3

The Metal Juicer is a fierce, battle-ready subspecies of the Metal Heads, the main antagonists of Jak II: Renegade and Jak 3. This specific subspecies also appears in Daxter, but not as often as in the other two games. They hold a special version of the Gunstaff, known as the Metal Head Gunstaff. This is used in battle to shoot their enemies with bursts of plasma. That same weapon is also used as a Juice Rod, which sends a jolt of electric juice throughout their enemy, terrorizing them.

[edit] Appearances

The Metal Juicers looks vicious with their beady eyes and Skull Gem sitting atop their head. They carry a large staff that could be used for intimidation, but are not. They are, in fact, used for battle. This staff glows when it is about to be used, giving Jak a signal to jump and get out of the way, or you will be electrocuted.

They are found in almost every area that has been invaded by Metal Heads in Jak II. If they are found in a certain area, however, they seem to be very rare. This is possibly because the subspecies is by far one of the most powerful in comparison to the others. The only one that could be relatively close to it with its size and strength would be the Metal Shield.

The first mission that these guys are found in would be the one where Jak must protect Ashelin at the Pumping Station. They join the Metal Juicer Spiders and fight to stop Ashelin and Jak.

[edit] In Battle

When Jak faces a Metal Juicer in battle, he must be alert and quick. Despite their almost non-existent agility, the Metal Juicers are a fierce breed of Metal Head that can quickly take Jak and Daxter out with little trouble. Each of their Juicing Shots takes quite a large portion of Jak's Green Eco health out, which rids him of any stamina he can use against these beasts.

If they are being attacked with a melee approach, the battle becomes quite a bit easier. Jak just needs to be fast enough to attack them multiple times without getting attacked by them. As it takes these creatures a while to charge up their Gunstaff, there is no need to worry when going one on one with them in the melee manner.

However, if the Morph Gun approach is picked, the player will need to worry. The only gun that can truly be effective here is the Vulcan Fury, though the Blaster will help as well. The Peace Maker is effective for a "get this over with" approach, but if a battle is wanted, the other two guns will be necessary. Their gunstaffs have a very large range, meaning they can hit Jak from wherever they want. However, Jak isn't so lucky. He has to get close, and he has to shoot fast, in order to win a battle with a Metal Juicer when using the Morph Gun.

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