Metal Head Nest

The Metal Head Nest is the final area in Jak II: Renegade. It is home to all of the Metal Heads in Haven City. It seems to be a destroyed area, possibly a city that the Metal Heads once destroyed and completely took over. It is almost completely rubble, but it does get better looking once the last area is accessed.


[edit] Environment

[edit] First Area (Main)

The first area resembles what a destroyed city is normally portrayed to be in video games. It is dark, gray, stormy, and very messy. There are large walls that have collapsed everywhere, and there are roofs that have fallen in on themselves. There are, however, walls that still stand, even after the Metal Heads invaded.

When Jak and Daxter visit this area, they find many Dark Eco Vents that are just resting around the area. Due to this, it is a strong possibility that this area used to be part of Haven City, and was destroyed during the first Metal Head War. This would be similar to what the Metal Heads do in Jak 3, when they take over the Bazaar and turn it into their new nest.

[edit] Second Area (Nest)

Their real nest is actually a large, purple spherical cave. It is filled with strange acid and Metal Head Eggs. This is also where a large number of Metal Scorpions reside, as well as the Metal Head Leader. Somehow, there are KG Crates inside of the Nest, which also supports the theory that this area used to be a part of Haven City.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] First Area (Main)

This area is filled with powerful Metal Head enemies, such as the Metal Boar (also known as Metal Tank) and the stronger Metal Hoppers. The Metal Tanks cannot be defeated by any means, so they are something to watch out for. There are also your typical Metal Scorpions that roam around the area, but they can be easily taken down with 1-2 shots from the Blaster Gun.

Beware, as this area is filled with Metal Heads. There is virtually no limit to the number of Metal Heads that can be found in this area, as they always re-spawn if Jak dies, or if he is forced to go back for some reason.

[edit] Second Area (Nest)

The Nest is filled with a very high amount of enemies. It also is home to the Metal Head Leader, who has many "slave"-like Metal Heads help fight his battles, including the Metal Rockets, Metal Scorpions, and Metal Hoppers. Inside the main area of the Nest is a large amount of Scorpions that attack Jak as soon as he enters. Other than Metal Kor, there are not large monsters that reside in this area. It is mainly the large groups of small enemies that need to be watched.

[edit] Trivia

  • The Metal Head Nest is the only area in Jak II: Renegade that cannot be revisited after the final boss is defeated. Other areas can be accessed through normal or special means, but this cannot.

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