Metal Head

Metal Heads
Common Metal Head2.jpg
Concept Art of a Common Metal Head
Race Name Metal Heads
Armor Very Strong
Weaponry Gun Rods, claws, teeth/fangs
Leader(s) Kor
First Appearance Jak II
Other Appearances Jak 3

The metal heads are the main enemy in Jak II and Daxter. They are also one of the enemies in Jak 3. The origin of the Metal Heads is unknown, but the name of the race was referred to during Jak II once as Hora-quan. The Metal Head's forms range from various different animal forms, mainly that of reptiles or insects, to large, dinosaur-like creatures. Other than the leader, Kor, and the second in command, Kaeden, no other Metal Heads have the ability to speak. Metal Heads have a certain amount of loyalty to each other in the sense that they work together rather than attacking each other. The Skull Gem of a Metal Head is their main feature, and is mostly found in the foreheads. It is know that Metal Heads lay eggs as their methods of reproduction, the eggs cling to walls using a webbing to make them safer from the ground. Metal Heads have various different abilities ranging from simple beam weapons to more complex abilities such as Cloaking abilities. These abilities are in addition to their appearance, which could include stingers, or horns as a weapon. Also, they resemble Lurkers, so they may be a species of Lurkers.

[edit] Jak II

This is where the Metal Heads made their debut, attempting to take Haven City under their control. After a while Metal Kor sabotages the shield wall allowing his army in, but the Krimzon Guards don't use their full arsenal against the Metal Heads, making it Jak's job to save the city by attacking the main nest and killing Metal Kor. Metal Heads are also seen in the Whack-a-Metal-Head minigame, where Daxter has a hammer and whacks the metal heads to beat a score.
Whack a Metalhead game

[edit] Jak 3

The remaining metal heads from Jak II have regrouped, and took control of the west side of Haven City. They constructed a tower in their new area, and used it as a nest. During this game they work together with KG Deathbots in an attempt to destroy the Freedom League. There are also much larger forms of Metal Heads in the Wasteland. These Metal Heads resemble dinosaurs. You are assigned a mission to get rid of 5 of them in an early part of the game.

[edit] Daxter

The Metal Heads are insectoid versions of the Metal Heads seen in the other games, and are attempting to sabotage Haven City under the leadership of Kaeden.

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