Mar's Tomb

Mar's Tomb is an area in Jak II: Renegade found around the Palace. It is located where the Statue of Mar sits near the Port, in front of the Palace, and is one of the most difficult things to find in Haven City. However, it is revealed by the Temple of Light found in Mar's Gate.


[edit] Jak II

[edit] Outer Structure

On the outside of Mar's Tomb rests a giant statue that is actually the only one visible to the public of Haven City. It is a Statue of Mar, the founder of Haven City. It is destroyed when a beam of light is flashed on it.

Surrounding the statue are ponds and fountains of water, as well as multiple large buildings. It is not connected to the Palace, despite the area being so close. This is probably because the former ruler of Haven didn't know that the tomb was there.

Every now and then, you can find two different Zoomers. One will be on the left side of the tomb, and one will be on the right. It is rare to find them in a different variety than this, though it is very possible.

[edit] Inner Structure

Inside the tomb, there are multiple structures resembling ancient Oracles. There also are five Precursor Orbs that can be found around these statues, and near pillars. It is built very structurally sound, just to make sure that nothing crushes Mar (even though it is not known where his body is).

The Tomb of Mar also houses the Precursor Stone, which was meant to be controlled by The Kid who is run around by Kor and other members of The Underground. It is resting inside the hands of an Oracle that is sitting in a room of the back of the tomb. The way it is being held means that the sacred heir to Mar is supposed to find it, as the Oracle was built as a relic.

The Tomb is technologically advanced, as two beams will shoot out of the statues' eyes when the Tests of Manhood are passed by the heir to Mar. These connect to a door that will open when both beams are hitting a symbol on it. There are also lamps in here that light up as Jak walks by, meaning that they have motion sensors. There is electricity over the water that is constantly running in a cycle, as it does turn off every now and then.

[edit] Enemies

There are Spiders that lurk around the Tomb of Mar, but it is not known how they actually got there. That is the same issue with the Piranha Hoppers that are found in the Tomb of Mar. It is assumed they were placed there by Mar himself, just to make the Tests of Manhood harder.

Baron Praxis appears in the very last room, but he forces his way in after Jak and Daxter reveal the tomb. He attempts to steal the Precursor Stone, which results in a boss fight. In this battle, there are KG Spy Bots and KG Bombs that he will throw at you using his large robot.

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