Sketch of an armed Lurker in Jak II
Race Name Lurker
Armor Varied (mostly weak)
Weaponry Standard
Leader(s) Gol and Maia
First Appearance Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
Other Appearances Daxter
Jak II

Lurkers are the second most prominent race in the Jak and Daxter series, appearing throughout the series numerous times. In their first appearance in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, they appear as the primary enemy, and thereby coming in a variety of forms. The most common, however, is that of an ape-like structure. The majority of Lurkers are also of a purple colour, exceptions including the ominous Lurker Shark and the bog-found Lurker Rat.

[edit] Origin

The Lurkers initially appear as servants to Gol and Maia, communicating through grunts and barbaric hand actions. The ape-type Lurkers are seen with chains and large rings around their necks, attacking Jak at any cost. However, they are seen to act out simple tasks, due to their role in assisting Gol and Maia to build their Precursor Robot. There are many different types of Lurker, the most common being the warrior-type, ape Lurker. Taking a hit from a Lurker will reduce the player's health by a quarter. Though they are powerful, they are quite brittle as the standard Lurkers are usually defeated after a single hit. However, other Lurkers may take more hits. Such as those with armour, or Klaww.

In the world of Daxter and Jak II, the Lurkers appear as slaves to humans, appearing in concept art following their human masters carrying large packages on their backs. However, one notable Lurker named Brutter asks Jak's assistance in freeing Lurkers and returning them to their underground hideout, where the Lurkers continue to fight for freedom. The situation concerning the Lurkers as of Jak 3 is unknown.

[edit] Notable Lurkers

  • Brutter - Brutter is a disguised Lurker who works to get the Lurker species free around Haven City. He does this by working at a Fishery, while also working with Jak and his furry little orange-y guy to transport the Lurkers into small strongholds and cities for them to reside in.

There is also a possible member of the Lurker species in Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier named Barter. He takes on a physical resemblance to the Lurkers, as well as using their general vocal ways. However, he does not look exactly like one, and no other Lurkers are seen during the game, so it is not confirmed that he himself is a Lurker. He owns Barter's Tavern.

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