Light Jak

Light Jak Flight in Spargus City

Light Jak is a form that counteracts and calms the Dark Eco inside of Jak's body. It is first introduced in Jak 3, when Jak speaks to the Precursor Oracle. The Oracle then binds Jak with the strength and purity of Light Eco, after which Jak remarks "Dax! The feels...far away. I feel better!"

Light Jak is activated by pressing L2 and the button corresponding with the desired ability. This is quite hard to get the hang of, since if you press the L2 button on its own, Jak will transform into Dark Jak instead.

Light Jak is essential to gameplay, but not as essential to the storyline. However, in one of the final scenes of the game, as Daxter is about to fall off a ledge, Jak transforms into Light Jak, and saves Daxter using Light Jak Flight. This is Light Jak's only major cutscene appearance.

[edit] Abilities

Unlike Dark Jak's abilities, all of Light Jak's abilities are unlocked as the game is progressed through. It is impossible to buy these moves with the use of Skull Gems or Precursor Orbs, and these are all used in the storyline, unlike the majority of Dark Jak's powers.

  • Light Jak Regeneration - This is a default move that is given to you when you first get the form Light Jak. It heals most of Jak's HP for as long as he is in the form.
  • Light Jak Time Stop - This move slows time down so you can jump through fast obstacles such as rotating Fan Blades. It is obtained when you are trying to complete the Temple Quests.
  • Light Jak Shield - This is used in the same way the Dark Maker shield is used. You get it when you exit the Catacombs for the first time.
  • Light Jak Flight - This is the last Light Jak move obtained. It is used to fly over large gaps and allow Jak to reach high ledges. You get it late in the game.

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