Krimzon Guard

Krimzon Guards
Scene with a few Krimzon Guards
Race Name Krimzon Guard (Human)
Armor Very Strong
Weaponry Gun Rods
Leader(s) Baron Praxis
First Appearance Jak II
Other Appearances Jak 3

The Krimzon Guards are enemies with a short temper that first appear in Jak II. They work under control of Baron Praxis, and are sent to patrol the city. They must have a great sense of friendship, and a very great sense of buttons, because if Jak is ever doing something suspicious or attacking them, an alarm is sounded quickly, and you immediately get shot. They take 2 hits to kill.

[edit] Origin

Not much is known about how the Krimzon Guard came into existence. All that is known is that they are usually people who took a liking the leader of Haven City, Baron Praxis, and that they treat people in negative ways when near them and they're doing something "wrong", according to Haven's laws under Praxis' rule. They are generally mumbling below their breath.

[edit] Appearance

Most of the Krimzon Guard appear as a soldier with high tech red armor and a gun, but some of them, such as the higher ranked members, don't really wear much armor and have a real shotgun. Another variation of the Krimzon Guard have yellow armor, tougher and more powerful than the lower ranked Krimzon Guard. Rather than taking 2 shots to kill (as normal KG would), they take 3 shots to kill. They are not easy opponents in any situation.

A later type of Krimzon Guard, called the Freedom League, look exactly like them, but in Blue Armor.

[edit] Zoomer

The Krimzon Guard have their own personal Zoomers. There are three kinds of them. The first example is the small Zoomer that is used by the public, but red and with their symbol. Another is one like a tank, that is bigger than the normal Zoomer, but smaller than their largest Zoomer. The final Zoomer that they make use of is the transport Zoomer, which holds Lurkers and other prisoners (such as Jak, as seen in Daxter while taking them to an area outside of town. All Krimzon Guard Zoomers have guns equipped on them which can be triggered by using the R2 button, unlike the other Zoomers that require Jak and Daxter to use their own Morph Gun and their own Ammo.

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