Kor sees the Krimzon Guard approaching
Race Name Human/Metal Head
Armor Weak/Very Strong
Weaponry None/Army
Relations Baron Praxis
Metal Heads
Occupations Haven Citizen/Metal Head Leader
First Appearance Jak II
Other Appearances Daxter
Cameos N/A

Kor appears in Jak II as an old man who takes care of a younger Jak. He works along with the Underground to stop Baron Praxis and the Krimzon Guards. He does not appear much in this role except later on in the game.

He first meets Jak and Daxter as they are escaping the Baron's Palace, and Jak protects Kor and The Kid from a squad of Krimzon Guards. He is not seen much throughout the story, except to assign Jak missions. On one occasion, Kor requests that Jak escorts his younger self to a station where he will be "better protected".

[edit] True Identity

His true identity is later revealed to be Metal Kor, the leader of the Metal Heads. He uses this revealed ability to kill the Baron through both the Underground and the Metal Heads.

Throughout the story his identity is cleverly and discretely hidden, however some hints are given throughout the game that Kor is not who he appears to be. The largest hint is through Onin; upon 'meeting' Kor for the first time, implies that she knows who Kor is by saying - through Pecker - "your voice sounds very familiar". Kor replies to Onin with a look of disgust but says no more on the subject.

Kor's True Identity

Eventually his identity is revealed and he shares his plot with Jak; he wants the Precursor Stone. Later it becomes apparent that he has the Rift Ring and the child. The child was sent back in time to hone his skills and eventually be able to defeat Kor. Kor wants to prevent this, and Jak and Kor begin fighting a climactic battle.

Once he is defeated, Daxter takes his severed head as a trophy, and hangs it up on the wall of the Naughty Ottsel (formerly the Hip Hog Haven Saloon), his new bar. It's interesting to note that this head is never seen or referred to in Jak 3.

[edit] Appearances

Kor has made no other major appearances other than his appearances in Jak II and Daxter.

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