KG Death Bot

KG Death Bot
Kg Deathbots.jpg
A Hijacked KG Death Bot
Species Death Bot
Affiliation Krimzon Guard
Notable Members Cyber-Errol
First Appearance Jak 3
Other Appearances Jak X: Combat Racing

KG Death Bots are the robotic, automated version of Haven City's Krimzon Guard. They were created by a member of the former Krimzon Guard, Cyber-Errol, in a factory floating high above New Haven. They were part of the defense mechanism that was used during the Haven War in Jak 3.

[edit] Purpose

The KG Death Bots are often seen in missions, sometimes even being playable as a vehicle. In one of the missions, Jak will take control of a KG Blast Bot (a specific Death Bot) and use it to shoot down one of the city's security walls in order to continue through the city. However, in other missions, they are seen as enemies. A prime example of this is when Jak sends Daxter out on a high speed rocket to crash into and destroy the KG Blast Bot.

They are even seen sometimes as developing a purpose other than mindless destruction in the form of mass hysteria. This was seen during Jak X: Combat Racing in the form of UR-86, a combat racing KG Death Bot. It was built by Errol in the mindset of destroying all of the other racers in the Kras City Racing Tournament.

As the main group appeared in Jak 3 only, they were lead by a high ranking officer in the former Krimzon Guard (hence the KG), Errol. He would often give orders from a factory high in the sky (the Weapons Factory), but that was destroyed by Jak in one of their battles. From there on out, Errol made the KG Death Bots go crazy and destroy the town, also serving as protection from the Dark Makers.

[edit] Allies

KG Death Bots work alongside the Dark Makers and Metal Heads during the Haven War in Jak 3. However, since they have no real ability to differentiate one target from another, they will often shoot these groups down and destroy them, as well as themselves. Their main ally was their leader, Cyber-Errol, who did tell them to go reckless during the end of the Haven War, when Dark Makers invaded.

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