KG-Death Bot

The KG-Death Bots are a huge legion of warrior robots, modelled to resemble and equal the strength of the Krimzon Guard. They appear in Jak III and Jak X: Combat Racing, with a brief appearance in Jak 2. In Jak III, they were lead by Errol, with the help of the Dark Makers.

Their initial use was to aid the Krimzon Guard in the war against the Metal Heads, though they were never actually used properly until after the fall of Kor. After this time, Errol took over the production and lead the KG-Death Bots into war with the Metal Heads and the Freedom League.

UR-86, a racer for Mizo's clan of gangsters, is a KG-Death Bot turned racer; however, he still holds all the motives for a KG-Death Bot - to destroy everything in his path.

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