Concept art of Jinx, by Bob Rafei
Name Jinx
Role Support Character
Elements Neutral
Residence Haven City
Relations N/A
First Appearance Jak II
Other Appearances Jak 3

Jinx is a gang member first appearing alongside fellow gangsters Mogg and Grimm in Jak II. The three are employed by Krew, and travel with Jak into the sewers to retrieve an artifact for Krew's collection. In Jak 3, Jinx returns, now working with Torn, using his demolition and mechanics skills to assist the fight for Haven City.
Jinx re-programmes a KG Death-Bot to be remotely controlled by Jak, as well as, with the assistance of Jak, blowing up portions of the Eco Grid. Jinx is portrayed with a New York Gangster accent, a cigar-smoking habit and a snide attitude, mockingly referring to Jak as "Goldilocks" throughout his short appearances in the series. Although working with Torn, his exact allegiance at the time of Jak 3 is unknown.

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