Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy Walkthrough


[edit] Story

[edit] Act 1

This story starts out in a small town where Jak and Daxter are training in a little portal world called Geyser Rock. This is where you get the first four Power Cells. When you are finished with the training, you return to Sandover Village and talk to Samos, the Green Sage. Afterwards, you will go down to another part of town and talk to Keira. She will tell you what to do for a while, then you will follow her instructions. Later, the game begins, and tells you to go find the Power Cells. You will need 20 of them to power her Zoomer. These can be found throughout Sandover Village and the areas surrounding it. There is only one boss that you will fight, and he is not even required. It is a big plant monster that sends out Spiky Turtles to hurt you. The only way to defeat them is to wait until the spikes are withdrawn.

Once you have collected 20 Power Cells, Keira will request that you come meet her in the volcano. When you do, you will find that she has the Zoomer ready for you, and you need to use it to go across the lava. She has placed cooling balloons throughout the area.

[edit] Act 2

When you have cleared this spot, you will find a Power Cell. Then, you just need to follow the path to Rocky Village. Go turn on the portal, and Samos the Sage and Keira will appear. Keira notices that Rocky Village is being bombarded by flaming boulders. This leads to a scene talking about the lost underwater city, and a machine that the Blue Sage was building to remove the flaming boulders that the "ruler" of this area is throwing down. You need 40+ Power Cells to activate the machine and reach the top of the mountain to fight him. These can be obtained by doing missions for some of the "villagers", and by going to the Precursor Basin. When you reach that area, there will be corruptd plants. This is probably the hardest mission from this area. Go and grab some Green Eco, then use it on the plants. If you do not do it fast enough, the healed plants will become corrupted again. There is also the Lost Precursor City that the Blue Sage had studied. These are going to be your two main places to obtain Power Cells. After you are done collecting the Power Cells, you will have to go to the machine. Use it to move the big boulder, and whatever other boulders you want to, and go up the mountain to fight the boss. He will throw things at you, but he isn't too hard. When you are done fighting him, take the Zoomer, which Keira has prepared at the top of the mountain for you, and go to the next area. Once again, you will find Power Cell at the end of the trip.

[edit] Act 3

This takes you to the Volcanic Crater, which is where the Red Sage would normally be located. As usual, go turn on the portal, then continue from there. A scene with Gol, Maia, Samos and Keira will begin here. Afterwards, they will give you a quick briefing, then you will continue venturing.

When you leave, you will find that this place is a big place for miners. In one cave, there are two miners who are willing to trade 90 Precursor Orbs for each of their 4 Power Cells. In other areas around the town, there are mine carts going to and from different spots. This isn't too hard to complete. When you try to access the Mine Carts, Keira will call and tell you that 72 Power Cells are needed to bring the Zoomer's Heat Shield up to speed so it can withstand the Lava Tube. If you go near the pulley, Keira will call and say something about how she can fix it. Go to Spider Cave and get a few Power Cells for this to fix. Later, go up into the trolley and go to the Snowy Mountain. This is where you find a few more Power Cells, and you also unlock the Yellow Eco Vents all around the world. You will get a Power Cell for doing this though.

After collecting 72 Power Cells, go find the Lava Tube. Keira will meet you here with the Zoomer, then give you a briefing. She put more cooling balloons in this area, which will help you cool off quickly. This isn't a long ride, it's just that the turns are incredibly sharp throughout most of the area. When you are done, you will get a Power Cell.

[edit] Act 4

This is when you enter the final area of the game. Go ahead and turn on the switch to the portal, and Keira will jump out. Daxter asks where Samos is, then Keira says that he has been kidnapped. She also tells Jak that he must save her father before his Eco is used to open the Dark Eco Silos and destroy the world. The door won't open until this cutscene is over. When it is, journey inside to Gol and Maia's Citadel. When you reach the opening, you will see a large Precursor Robot who does nothing until later, and you will see Samos coming down in a cage to meet you. He warns you about what is happening, then tells you to free the sages. After going to save all of the sages and getting the Power Cells from them, you will need to rescue Samos. When you do, Gol and Maia will appear to talk to them about helping each other. Afterwards, all of the sages will destroy the shield to the Precursor Robot. Now you go out to the Silos and find that Gol and Maia are already at work. When you get on the platform with them, Yellow Eco will appear. Just start firing this, and you will stop the first phase. Now, a Blue Eco Vent should unlock. You need to go run over there and harness Blue Eco, then jump on the Launch Pad. Repeat this for a few times, then you will see all four Eco Sages come together to create White Eco. Daxter ponders if he should use it to change back or not, but then he says to use it to destroy the Precursor Robot. Once you pick a piece up, the game basically ends. Then the ending will roll.

[edit] Post-Story

If you have not done any extra missions, you should have 77 Power Cells now. To completely finish the game, you will need 100. This will open the Precursor Door at the Citadel. This is the final cutscene. To get 100% on this game, you will need 101 Power Cells, which means all of them, and all of the Precursor Orbs as well. Though having Precursor Orbs is not essential, if you're a perfectionist you may want to get them anyway.

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