Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier Walkthrough

This is the Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier Walkthrough. This is to help you while you are playing the game, for any trouble that you're having. It will be divided into a few parts. (not by Acts, since that is very confusing in this game. Maybe by bosses.) Alright, let's get started!
(ps2 controls will be used for this walkthrough)


[edit] Part One: The Beginning

The game will start with you being attacked by Sky Pirates. You are located near the Brink of the world, driving as Jak, alongside Keira and Daxter. This is just a cutscene. Your goal is to find a new Eco source to save the world and assist Keira in her quest to become an Eco Sage. Daxter then starts shooting down the ships, while Jak trys to maneuver around a large ship. Sky Pirates latch onto the Hellcat Cruiser and try to rob you of your Eco. Jak tries to stop them. It is then revealed that one of the Sky Pirates thinks that Keira is kind of cute, after he finds out that they have no Eco with them. Jak tries to use his Dark Eco powers, but Keira tells him Eco is too unstable. Daxter then destroys the ship on accident, and tries to cover for it. However it happened, they land on the Brink of the World. Jak then obtains the Gunstaff from Keira. This is a Fighting Stick + Gun. Any gun mods you find can be attached to this. Finally, the real game begins.
This begins a tutorial like mission. You need to press the Square Button for a Forward Attack using your fist, which does more damage then the Spin Attack, which will soon show up. Any monsters that you destroy with it will drop tiny segments of Dark Eco. It then tells you to press the X button to jump on the rocks that lead over the stream. Daxter will then tell you to press the X button soon after you performed a solo jump to land on the high ledge. You then learn to do a Spin Kick by pressing the O button. Continue moving forward until you get to a pillar. You need to press the triangle button to start the sequence, then press the R1 and L1 buttons simultaneously to push the pillar down. Ignore the Yellow Eco vent, and keep moving forward. You will come across a line of pillars for you to jump across. Do a double jump, then spin kick in the air to get across the area. Destroy the monsters in the next area, and Daxter will point out a Green Crystal. Go over to it and Jak will pick it up. Now, all you need to do is return to the Crash Site and talk to Keira. Before you do though, go across the bridge to the north and pick up two Precursor Orbs behind the pillars. Start heading back. Now, there will be some tutorials of skills that are just for showing off, so it's useless for me to list. When you continue to go forward, you will run into two monsters jumping on a rock and pushing it down. Fight these two off, then jump onto the pole. Swing through to the next area by pressing X when Jak is swinging to the left. Just keep going and you'll be back to Keira.

[edit] Part Two: The Discovery; First Flight Mission

When you return to Keira, Jak will give her the crystal, saying it is full of warm Green Eco. Keira says the Crystal is like an Eco Prism, converting Dark Eco to Green Eco, and she wants to speed that up. She then fixes it into the Hellcat, and they are ready to fly again. Jak and Keira realize that it works, while Daxter is fiddling with his fingers in the backseat. They also find out that they might be able to make other colors of Eco! Of course, the Sky Pirates ruin it for everyone.
Here is the flight tutorial. You can fly up by pulling down on the analog stick. Keira will talk to you, and guide you through all of it, so listen to her. This one is too long to put in, so just pay attention to Keira.
Now, here is one of the first real levels. You have to use the Flight Guns by pressing R1. Take out all of the enemy fighter ships by doing that. It's almost impossible to fail this mission, so just keep shooting. Sooner or later, you'll complete the mission. It's kind of long though, so just make sure you don't fly into the enemy fire. You shouldn't have to maneuver in this one (I'll explain what that one is a little later).

[edit] Part Three: The Aeropan Leader

You arrive on the airship that you just saved, and you meet Duke Skyheed (if you click that link, you will get spoilers; you've been warned), the leader of the Aeropan people and protector of the Sacred Eco. He tells you that the Aeropans have been looking for the Eco Core, and that the pirates have increased attacks since their mission began. Skyheed then escorts Jak to the grand Aeropa City, where they can get repairs on their airship before they continue assault on the Sky Pirates.
When you arrive, follow the blinking icon in the lower-righthand corner map. It should be of Keira's face. Head that way, and when you arrive, talk to Keira by pressing Triangle. She will tell you that Dark Eco can now be traded for different Eco Skills (blue, red, yellow, and green eco skills). You can only buy one thing right now, so get what you want and head out. Go follow the green flashing dot while Skyheed contacts you on a walkie-talkie like object. It will lead you to him and the Chancellor. Skyheed then shows you the Eco Seeker, which is said to point out any major Eco Source in the entire world. He says they tried to find the Eco Core with that, but could not make it work. Jak wants to give it a shot, and when he does, the Eco Core becomes unstable. Jak almost passes out from exhaustion in about 10 seconds after holding it. Keira then asks to study it due to the fact that she is training to become and Eco Sage. The Chancellor tells her that she can keep it for a week as long as Jak can pass the Danger Course. It is to prove that she can protect it.

[edit] Part Four: Danger Zone!

Go follow the blinking icon on the map until you get to it. Enter through the door, and you will be in a room with a gun mod and a few boxes. Go run up to the Gun Mod, and Jak will equip it onto the Gunstaff. Afterwards, a voice will come on explaining how to use it and everything. You can already be through the door if you want to be. Just shoot the targets in this room until you get a certain score. Keep shooting after you reach the goal, but make sure you reach that goal. Don't shoot the citizens though! You'll lose points if you do. Anyways, when you've shot/missed everyone in that room, keep going into the next room. This will require you to stand behind a wall while turrets are shooting at you, and make it all the way to the other side of the room without dying. This isn't very hard until the very end. Just keep zig-zagging through the room until you get to a part where you can't do that anymore. This time, just run as fast as you can and stay away from everything. I would tell you to roll, but you can't do that in this game. When (and if) you make it through that room without dying, you should arrive in the next room. Dark Eco will spill out of an opening in the ground. Now, keep moving ahead and shoot the targets with your Blaster mod that you got at the beginning of the level. That should activate MORE targets. Just keep shooting those until you get through the level, making sure you reach the goal score. The next room you enter will be one with a turret, once again. It will shoot you, and if it succeeds, you die almost immediately. All you have to do though is shoot the targets, and you win. After this part, you'll be done with the Danger Course.

[edit] Part Five: Enter Dark Daxter

Alright, a cutscene will occur when you leave. It starts out with Jak and Daxter walking down the street, then Daxter falling down a sewer. He wonders where he can find Jak, then gets hit by a very large stream of Dark Eco. This transforms him into an evil version of himself, also known as Dark Daxter. This is just a bigger, more messed up version of Daxter really. After all of this happens, he jumps farther into the sewer and decides to destroy a few monsters.
Alright, all you have to do is fire Dark Balls at the enemies by pressing "X". This allows you to injure enemies. This is Dark Daxter's main attack. Now, go up to the Dark Crystals (purple, glowing crystals), and use the Dark Frenzy attack by pressing the "triangle" button so you can ram through the wall. The next room will be full of monsters and propeller-like objects. Don't even bother killing the monsters, and just walk around the propellers. Flip the battery in this room by pressing the "circle" button, otherwise, you can't get through. Now, use Dark Frenzy on the door ahead. Continue into the next room and go pick up a Spider. You will then be able to throw it into the hole and walk across. Use the propellor and flip the battery a little farther in, and then break the door after using the Dark Crystals. Keep going, and go forward through the pistons until you find some spiders. Throw them at the pistons so that they will be clogged, and you can move forward. Keep going and flip the battery, then break the door up ahead after charging with the Dark Crystals. You don't need to flip any batteries, but you'll be shot if you don't. Though, if you use Dark Frenzy you can go through and completely ignore it. Break the door leading to the next room and flip the battery. This will change the way the object rotates. Keep going, ignore the batteries, and break the door. You've got to flip all of the batteries in this room. Alright, continue into the next room and go all out on everything in here. I prefer Dark Frenzy, because it makes things a lot faster. Just get rid of all of the monsters, objects and everything else in here until you can enter the elevator. You do have to throw a spider over the hole though, and keep going forward.

[edit] Part Six: Stop, Thief!

Daxter will stumble out of the elevator, and Jak will meet him on the streets of Aeropa. Head towards the green dot on the map, and you'll run into Skyheed and the Chancellor. Daxter tries to tell Jak what happened to him, but Jak tells him to be quiet, while they listen to Skyheed and obtain the Eco Seeker. Skyheed gives you this long speech, hands over the Eco Seeker, and then an unexpected guest drops in. Phoenix, the leader of the Sky Pirates decides to rob you of the Eco Seeker, and Keira tries to stop him. This means he takes Keira and the Seeker and has them in his power.
You will automatically exit. Go the Hellcat Cruiser, which is symboled by the plane with a yellow box around it on the map. When you get there, you will leave Aeropa and start chasing down Phoenix. Don't shoot, or else Keira will start shouting at you. Just keep following, and dodging and obstacles until Phoenix says something very important. Now, when you exit the volcano, you need to press the "circle" button and grapple onto his ship. This will shoot Daxter across the sky so that you can steal something. When Daxter lands, you need to carefully follow the on-screen button directions, but still quickly. You also need to watch the "Grip" and "Engine" bars on the top. You want Engine to go down, but not Grip. If you lose Grip, then you'll fall off. Continue this process until the end of the level, when Phoenix and his Sky Pirate Crew shoot you down. They then (once again) maroon you on a mysterious island. The thing is, Daxter will say something about Jak and himself not being the only people there.

[edit] Part Seven: The Mysterious Island

Go jump up the ledges and spin the wheel by going next to it, pressing triangle and using the analog stick to spin it. Press Triangle when the large "triangle" symbol pops up. Run into the Scatter Gun Mod. This will then be equipped to the Gunstaff. A mini-tutorial will then occur, that teaches you to cycle through the Gun Mods. Now, keep going forward until you come to a ledge. Don't try and jump, but go left. This will take you to a few poles. Use them, and go across the ledge. You'll land on the other side, and jump up the pillars. If you go forward, you'll run into a Precursor Statue. It will give you a Red Eco Power, known as Eco Amplifier. Press the R2 button to create, then shoot it to set it off and make it explode. Go up the ledge, and use the Eco Amplifier on the boulders. It will destroy them, and you'll see quite a few robot monsters. Just shoot them all with your Blaster Gun (or Scatter, which has more power, but isn't long-range). Go to the next set of ledges, and you'll have to fight more monsters. This is when it's smart to use the Scatter Gun, since they start coming after you. If you still don't want to use that, then do this combination. "X + O and Shoot" using the Blaster. It will cause a Rapid-Fire Blast. Note that this isn't in any of the tutorials. Keep going up on the ledges until you get to a glowing box with a pillar behind it. Open the box, and you'll obtain the Brink Field Jacket. It doesn't actually do anything obvious, except make Jak look even worse than he already does. Now, push down the pillar using the same thing you did for the first one, and you'll run into even more monsters (which look surprisingly like KG Death Bots) after climbing the ledges. Again, just shoot these down, or even use Melee Attacks on them, and they'll die. Go get the crates on the side for a bit more ammo and HP. Now, go back and cross the bridge. Even more of the Yellow Monsters will attack you by cutting down tress and such attacks. Just destroy these as usual, and keep moving forward. Just keep running through this next part, since yellow monsters will be on the sides chopping trees, trying to drop them on you. When you go forward, stand on the Precursor Totum to get more Eco Charge, and go forward by jumping on the rocks. Shoot the boulders with your Eco Amplifier, and they'll break down. Go through there and use the poles to get straight up to the next ledge with monsters on it. Alright, now keep running through this next part after eliminating the enemies, since more robots (argh!) will drop trees on you. When you're done with this, kill the remaining monsters, and you'll be able to drop the Force Field. Now, press the triangle button to pull out the fuse box near the force field. You've got to follow the on-screen instructions quickly, or it won't work.
All right, a cutscene will then occur, with you walking up a steps, and a strange old man dropping down. He knows that Jak has been infected with Dark Eco. He has major amnesia. He has no idea who he is, or what he's doing on the island. He said that he created the Robots on the Island to help him, but then they turned on him and tried to destroy him. Jak asks if he can help repair his ships. The old man then tells him he needs a Velonium Power Pod, and there is only one on the entire island. It's on his Uber-Bot 888, the biggest, nastiest robot he ever built. If they can get the Power Pod, he'll help them with his ship.

[edit] Boss Fight: Uber-Bot 888

Alright, get ready for the first boss fight of the game! Go towards the gate, up next to the house. When you do, it will automatically raise up. Now, continue and lift this one up using the wheel. It's like the one at the very beginning of the level. Keep going forward, then cross the bridge. You will see a Precursor Idol. Go next to it so it can shoot Green Eco into you, giving you the power Eco Construct. Go up and stand on the green crystals. Use Eco Construct by pressing R2 + Square, and jump across the Green Crystals that pop up. Shoot down the robots that pop up, and run forward across the ledge by using Eco Construct once again.
BOSS FIGHT: Alright. Here it comes. When you get to the other side, it will pop up with chainsaws and everything. Scary monster. Really. Jump over the shock wave that it sends at you, and then use the Amplifier to crack it's armor. Dodge all of the attacks it sends at you by running or jumping, and then when it finally dies, it will go down the hill. Go after it!
This is the second part of the boss battle. You've got to use Eco Construct to stop the saws, so use it before they hit you. Note that you don't have to have Green Crystals for this. When you do, shoot an Amplifier at it and use a simple gun shot to do massive damage. Jump over the mud, and bring crystals up whenever he uses the Saw attack. That should keep it busy until some of it's health is gone. When about a quarter of it's health is gone, the light on it's nose will change from Blue to Red. Shoot it in the chest with an amplifier at the point, and it will damage it severely. Keep shooting as often as you can though, so that your power isn't completely wasted. Melee attacks are almost useless though, so don't even try it. When it changes to blue, dodge the lasers it shoots at you, and you just keep shooting as quickly as possible. It will keep shooting lasers, but in a different formation almost every single time. Use Amplifiers when it is red, and normal attacks when it's blue. This basically covers the whole boss fight.

[edit] Part Nine: Time to find out who you are!

Alright, just shoot it with an Amplifier with the battle is done, and you'll be able to get the Velonium Power Pod. Going through the cave makes the return much quicker. Try to return to the old man, and he'll contact you saying he already fixed your ship. Now you can go ahead and get off the island as long as you have the Power Pod. Go all the way back, and exit by using the Ship Hangar in the cave next to the gate that the whole "Boss Fight" Section started. (not the one with the Volcano Sign). Alright, this is where it gets fun!
Now, it will tell you how to use Lock-On Missiles. These are almost essential for this next fight. I won't count it as a boss fight, because it technically isn't. Now, use the Lock-On Missiles and the normal Machine Gun to destroy the main propellers on the ship. This will then start another part of the level, which then requires you to destroy the Thrusters, in a certain time limit as well. Now, destroy all the turrets. Continue using the Lock-On Missiles and Normal Machine Gun for this, since it really isn't that hard to do. Just beat the crap out of them at your own pace, since you don't have a time limit. Remember, when it says "Lock" on your screen, you need to press a button on the directional pad to maneuver, or you will get shot, and you'll go down fast. After you shoot all the turrets, you'll be allowed to land on the ship.

[edit] Part Ten: Enter Phoenix, the Sky Pirate Leader

When you start this part, you'll be in the hangar, where all of the airships are stored. The Hellcat is what you are in now, but later you'll be able to use a few different ships. Exit the hangar through either of the doors, and follow the flashing icon to go into the Captain's Room. Of course, the captain isn't there right now. When you walk into the room, Jak will go up to this strange man, and he'll tell Jak that Keira is being "entertained" by the captain. They then get into a small fight, and Keira runs in shouting for Jak, with Phoenix standing behind her. Keira tells Phoenix to get away from Jak, and Jak gets sort of surprised that they are on a "first name basis" now. Keira tells Jak that he shouldn't have come here, and Phoenix completely disagrees. Phoenix holds up the Seeker Orb, and Jak attacks him. Keira shouts for them to stop, while the Orb falls out the window, and onto the Earth. Keira wants a truce between Jak and Phoenix until they can find a way to get the Seeker back. Jak and Phoenix finally agree, and shake hands. Now, you can either go see Keira and buy more Eco Powers, or you can go to the Hangar. Right now, I'd go to Keira for more power, since you'll probably need it soon. This next level can get hard. If you don't want to, head for the Red, Flashing flag on the map. This will lead you to the hangar. Alright then, board a ship. You see that huge flashing light on the map when you exit? Well, if you don't, that's fine. It isn't important, and I have a different description for it. Just go around the Volcano Path until "Press O to land" appears.

[edit] Part Eleven: The Volcano Vids

Alright, just watch these. I had a ton typed out, and it got deleted by a typo
Video 1
Video 2

[edit] Part Twelve: A Shocking Discovery

When you leave the island, you will find out that the old man has boarded the ship, and is leaving the island. He was getting tired of being there for such a long time anyways. Go on back to the Phantom Blade, and go to Keira. Jak suggests that the old man could help them, and Phoenix asks if he knows who he even is. The old man replies No, then asking if it's Phoenix's ship, and complementing it until he wants to know where the Eco Seeker is. After Keira hands it over, and he examines it, he tells them that it can't help them. He says that that object is trouble. Keira asks if he remembers anything, and he tells her he sees huge warehouses filled with eco, vast and dark. After a bit of talking, he opens the Eco Seeker, and Phoenix says it is pointing out over the Brink. He tells Klout to put the ship in course for Far Drop, which is where they get supplies for their voyage.

[edit] Part Thirteen: Gathering Supplies from Far Drop

Get the Vulcan Fury and leave the room. Head to the hangar and get a ship. When you leave the Phantom Blade, go to the left of the large object hanging down from the bottom of the cave, then keep going straight. You will arrive at Far Drop soon. Exit the room you land in, and a scene will begin. You meet Barter, a big time smuggler in Far Drop. Jak calls it a tough town, and asks who the creatures fighting are. Barter tells him that they are Dark Eco Mutants that showed up a few months ago. He's been fighting them since, but he needs strong fists to help. Jak volunteers as long as Barter can give them supplies. Barter agrees, but only if Jak protects his store.
When the scene ends, Barter will contact you and tell you something. It's not important. Keep going forward until you see what looks like a main plaza in a city with a large gold statue. On the way, make sure you open the glowing chest to obtain Increased Ammo Capacity for the Vulcan Fury. You'll need it for this next mission. Go forward, and you will find a Dark Eco Monkey. You can't do anything to it at the moment, so ignore it as it runs away. Go try and follow it and shoot the flying Dark Eco Lizards until they die. Go cross the bridges now, and when you run into Dark Eco Lizards, shoot them. Then, when you reach the third bridge, a counter will appear, a checklist along with it, and Barter will contact you. Shoot down the Dark Eco Mutants with your Vulcan Fury, and they will all sooner or later die. Make sure you get rid of 4, or else you will have to start that part over again sooner of later. Go to the Aeropult, and press Triangle. You will then rotate the control stick until you are able to go, which is signaled by a triangle button appearing on the screen. Press it to jump into the Aeropult.

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