Jak X: Combat Racing

Jak X: Combat Racing

Jak X: Combat Racing
Developer Naughty Dog
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform PlayStation 2
Release date(s) NA: October 18 2005
PAL: November 4 2005
Ratings 12+
Players 1-2
Compatible with: Daxter (w/ USB PS2-PSP cable)
Preceeded by: Jak 3
Succeeded by: Daxter

Jak X is a spin-off racing game to add to the Jak and Daxter series developed by Naughty Dog. The game takes place one year after Jak 3, and the most recent game Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier is assumed to be in between the time of Jak X and Jak 3. The driving mechanics are similar to that of Jak 3.

[edit] Plot

Taking place a year after Jak 3, Haven City has been rebuilt after being completely destroyed by the Dark Makers. Combat Racing becomes a sport overtime. The game starts out with Daxter telling a story to some gangsters in a bar called The Bloody Hook in a dangerous city called Kras City. He tells them about him and Jak in a racing match; a flashback of Jak racing is viewed while he is telling them about it. Then a dangerous mobster that claims he works for Mizo, going by the name of Razer, appears and threatens to kill Daxter. Jak comes to Daxter's aid crashing through the window of the bar with his car. Daxter refuses to go with him until Razer throws a knife at him. Daxter then goes running to Jak's car.

Jak, Daxter, Keira, Samos, Ashelin and Torn recieve an invitation to the reading of Krew's will, as does his daughter, Rayn. After everybody is settled in a conference room where Krew's reading takes place, Rayn comes in to greet them. She has drinks for everyone, including herself. Not knowing what the drinks are packed with, the gang drinks them, as does Rayn. A holograph figure of Krew suddenly appears, and he talks about his death for a short while then tells them about the Combat Racing Championship. He tells them that they will all race for him. Everybody denies almost simultaenously. Then Krew tells them that he put poison in their drinks, including Rayn's. The only way to get the antidote is to race for Krew and win. Shocked and terrified, everyone has no choice but to race for Krew at the Kras City Championship.

They meet G.T. Blitz, the host of the championship when they enter. He is perceived as very annoying and is more concerned with the ratings of the show than the racers' lives. The first task is a tutorial teaching you how the driving works, which is taught by Keira. After that you start in the Red Eco Cup Championship followed by the Green Eco Cup, then the Blue Eco Cup, and finally the Yellow Eco Cup. Each cup has different cities and race types to complete. They also have a final Race called the Grand Prix. There are two qualifying races to complete and you must obtain a gold badge in each. As Jak and friends progress through each race, they find out more about the crime syndicates that are led by the mysterious Mizo. You find out later in the game that a deal was made before the events of Jak 3 by Mizo and Krew. Both gang families must make racing teams, whoever loses the Kras City Championship must submit, making the other family the sole crime family in the world. Old friends appear as you progress such as Pecker (as G.T. Blitz's co-host), Sig (as an ally racer), and Kleiver (as an enemy racer). Other new enemy characters appear too, such as UR-86, a dangerous KG-Death Bot who loves to race and kill. Pecker becomes G.T Blit'z assisstant in the show. Mizo remains mysterious and unidentified until the final race.

Before the final race, G.T Blitz reveals on his show that a mysterious new driver will race for Mizo's team. The driver turns out to be G.T Blitz himself. After you beat him, G.T is filled with rage and accuses Jak of cheating. Soonafter he takes off his toupee and reveals to everyone that he is actually Mizo. Pecker has followed him with a camera, so now the whole world knows the truth (or at least whoever is watching). He steals the antidote for the poison and drives off, with Jak and Daxter chasing after him. Jak does enough damage to make his car crash and obtains the antidote. Mizo's last words are "You have a habit of letting people die don't you?", to which Jak responds by saying "You get used to it". The crew then meet up at Daxter's bar - the Naughty Ottsel - in Haven City. Rayn thanks everyone for their help and leaves. Daxter finds out that she left behind her father's video diary. Jak and the gang find out that Rayn knew about the poison before she drank it and was following her father's instructions. As she drives away, she tells some people over the phone not to kill Jak and his friends. The game ends with Jak and Keira kissing for the first time.

[edit] Downloadable Content

1. If you have a Daxter save file on your PSP, you can connect your PSP to the PS2 (by way of a PSP-USB cable), and then Daxter's car will be available for purchase in the Secrets Shop, as well as unlocking the characters of Osmo, Ximon and Taryn.

2. If you have a Ratchet and Clank: Deadlocked save file on your memory card, a Ratchet skin will be available for purchase in the Secrets Shop.

3. If you have a Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II, and Jak 3 save file in your memory card, Jak from the first, second, and third game will be available for purchase in the Secrets Shop.

[edit] Soundtrack

The hard-rock band Queens of the Stone Age contributed 2 songs to the game's soundtrack; Song For The Dead and You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar But I Feel Like A Millionaire.

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