Jak 3 Walkthrough

[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] Act 1

Well, this game starts out with Jak being banished to the wasteland and Daxter and Pecker follow him. Ashelin says that she tried to stop them, but never could. Anyway, they go off and wait in the desert for assistance until they completely pass out, but then some wastelanders come with King Damas, and leave them at Damas's Palace in the city of Spargus.

After this, there will be a cutscene where Damas is explaining Spargus to Jak and Daxter before you go off to the arena and prove yourself. This is a simple area, just keep on moving and you'll end up at your destination sooner or later. It's mainly an opening tutorial. When you're finished with the course, Damas will send in the Matter-Formers, which involves a funny scene. He'll also give you the Scatter Gun to use in battle. While fighting these creatures, just knock them into the flames or shoot them a lot of times and win. They aren't too hard. When you have 5 left, Jak will enter Dark Jak mode and tear everyone up. After you are done with the battle, return to the platform, and you will see a monk staring at you. It disappears when Damas starts talking. Here he will give you the Blaster Gun, which is a long distance gun, but with a low range. He'll also give you a Gate Pass to get in and out of the city.

While trying to leave the arena, you'll meet someone who just starts talking. He reveals that his name is Kleiver, and says that you did a nice job out there. He'll send you on a mission to ride his animal and catch a few Kanga-Rats. This is a pretty easy mission, just thrust forward every once in a while to catch them, then go follow the Monk Icon.

Here you will find a person named Seem. This is the same person who was staring at Jak during the arena battles. She will be with a big Dark Maker object, which apparently has a power so that no one except the Chosen can activate it. When Jak gets up near it, it turns on, and triggers a mini-game which uses a series of buttons. It explains yourself, so just go ahead and get this done with. A small scene will follow afterwards. When it is over, follow the symbol that appears.

When you have reached your destination, Kleiver will tell you about his vehicles. He'll talk to you about racing him, which leads to him letting you borrow the Tough Puppy. You will use this in a race after following the tutorials. Drive to all of the Yellow Beams, which are spots that give you instructions on what to do while driving the car. Later, go drive up to the finish line, and you'll see 4 other racers. None of these are too hard to beat, so just enjoy going after them collecting Turbo Boosts along the way.

Now, when you go back to Kleiver's Stadium, you'll see that Damas is there waiting for you. He's going to send you on a journey to collect Precursor Artifacts. This isn't very hard, but it's the first mission that you'll have a time limit for. It changes for each object you get. You also have the Wastelanders trying to destroy your vehicle throughout the whole mission, which doesn't make it much easier. Just race before the storms comes, and return to Kleiver's.

Leave and talk to the monk in the middle of the town. Her name is Seem. She says she wants the Dark Eco Crystal back, and will wager a Light Eco Crystal for it if you race her fellow monks. Just go climb onto the lizard, and begin. There are Precursor Rings that you need to go through in order to beat this level. You'll end up in the middle of the town, and Seem will give your information about the Day Star, which is an item that brings imminent threat, and gives the crystal she promised. Now go talk to Kleiver.

Kleiver will tell you that you need to go and destroy Wasteland Metal Heads. This mission is the hardest out of the current ones, due to it giving you a hard vehicle to work with, and these things being huge. It takes forever to destroy all of them. Go through the desert until you find the first one. Go ahead and take this one out with a lot of shots, and continue to do this with the rest. Once you have gotten all of them down, an electric messenger will pop up. A familiar face appears. Seeing Jak, he trembles, and Jak crushes the messenger. Now, leave the desert and talk to Damas.

When you reach Damas's Palace, you will see that he needs to talk to you about something. He'll reveal that there is another Arena challenge, and that you need to use this gun mod that he gives you, which is an upgrade to the Scatter Gun, for an easy victory.

Once you reach the Arena, you'll almost immediately go into battle with the Matter-Formers. This is a little bit harder than the first one, but you can also go into Dark Jak form anytime throughout this battle. The hard part is having to avoid the lava while defeating the warriors. There are four different platforms to use, so try and use all of them, as the lava will bounce up on one or two every single time it comes up. There are 30 Matter-Formers here, but none of them are too hard to beat. Use the new Gun Mod and you'll be fine. A scene follows afterwards with Damas giving Jak an upgrade for the Blaster.

When returning to Kleiver's, you'll find Damas there as well. He'll tell you that you need to herd some lizards in the desert into their pin. He assigns you and Kleiver this mission, but you do all of the work. After driving out to the pin, go and find a lizard. Daxter will jump on it and herd it into the pin. Do this three times for a new ride: The Dune Hopper.

Here, you will have two choices. One of them is to go to the Monk Temple, and the second one is to go talk to Damas. Your choice, I went with the Monk Temple, since it's closer.

Monk Temple
This is pretty simple. Just go across the islands to reach this area. When you get here, you'll find that it's an upward temple. Trying to go up is your only current option. There will be little sticks for you to swing off of, and breaking platforms, so follow all of those until you reach the top. There is a room in the middle for you to restock on ammo for the next mission, just in case you need it. It's Blaster, not Scatter.

Next is the Monk Glider mission. After a funny scene, you'll find that Daxter and Jak have been put on a glider trying to go through some Precursor Rings and stay above ground. You need to shoot the yellow bits for them to open, as they are locked Rings. This is a very simple mission. All you need to do is keep on flying throughout the whole thing. When you are done, it'll throw you off into the volcano. The next mission has Daxter playable again.

The next mission is called "Receive the Satellite". It forces you to go to the middle of the Volcano. This is a very hard mission, so get ready. It's a big amount of Metal Heads that you don't really want attacking you. This is very strategic, and one missed jump could kill you. While you are going through the volcano, there will be a few spots where Daxter is playable, such as sliding through a tube. Daxter has most of the same combos as Jak, which makes it easy to play as him. When you get to the center of the volcano, Jak will get a new Dark Move. Dark Invisibility. It can only be used when up near a Dark Head Statue.

Here you need to find the Oracle in the Monk Temple. It is a big robot with a large head. It is hidden in the temple, but can be found by going through a few rooms. After getting through a few monsters and corridors, you'll arrive at the Oracle. It will give you a lesson about controlling light or something, then purify part of Jak's body. He will teach you Light Regeneration. Exit the temple now through the Warp Gate.

Now go talk to Damas in Spargus. He'll tell you that there are Wastelanders out in the desert that need to be rescued because of a coming storm. Now, go to Kleiver's Garage and get a vehicle to use. Leave into the Wasteland and you'll have a time bar pop up. Now go chase down the yellow beam and get a wastelander. Drive him back to the base, then another yellow beam will appear. Repeat this until you find a dead wastelander. He'll be holding something, so after approaching him, a large boss will attack you. Since you don't have many guns now, the Blaster will be your best choice. It will send out a ray of attacks, which you need to dodge, then shoot him while he is in the ground. He isn't too hard. Just watch the scene following then leave.

After returning to Spargus, find Kleiver at the turret in the middle of the city. He'll tell you about someday there will be a job of protecting the city with the turret. He'll also give you some info on his high score and then taunt you to beat it. Jak gives it a shot by going up and shooting targets. This mission isn't very hard. You just need to shoot all of the little circular items popping out of the sea. They come from different angles though, which adds a challenging factor. Just go and beat the score specified, and the mission will end.

Now, go to the Arena and fight some more Matter-Formers. These aren't very strong due to the new gun mod that Damas gives you, which is called the Vulcan Fury. It is like a Machine Gun, but with blue bullets. Just finish them all off, and when there are none left, you and someone else will be on seperate sides of a crate. Jak soon points out that it is Sig, a person who helped him in Jak 2: Renegade. He holds the Peace Maker up against Jak's head, because of Damas's rule, then drops it. This makes Damas very angry.

He'll send you back to the Castle with Sig. Then he gives you a mean lecture about how you dishonored the Arena, and then he'll reveal a major spoiler about Sig. After a few questions with no answers, he tells you to attack the Metal Head Nest. Sig will go on to Kleiver's Garage, and will want you to follow. Just go meet him there, and you'll find that he is already waiting in the Gila Stomper, which is the biggest vehicle available, and is only used for special missions. Nevertheless, head out with Sig to the Metal Head Nest. He'll shoot down the wall with his Peace Maker, then tell you to enter. In here you'll find a bunch of mushrooms just waiting to attack you. Just auto-shoot them to get them off your back. Go further in, and a meter will appear at the side of the screen. Shot all of the little green pods until it runs down to 0. This will make the whole place fill up with gas. Now you need to leave under the time limit before it kills you completely. That's when this mission will end.

Now, return to Kleiver's Garage. Ashelin will contact you and ask if you can come see her at the Oasis. Get the Dune Hopper, since the next mission forces you to use it, and go on to the Oasis. After talking to Ashelin for a little while, some Marauders will attack you. Use either the Blaster or the Vulcan Fury to easily get rid of them. This isn't too hard. Just shoot the enemies until they are all gone, and a scene starts up. Ashelin will hand over the Jetboard, which is something Keira wanted you to have. Take it and go to the Monk Temple.

After arriving here, you'll need to enter as you normally would. Now, go through the area that you went through last time, and find that the beacon that Ashelin gave you opens up a door to in one of the near rooms. After going through, you'll be attacked by a few monsters, which can easily be destroyed. Go through the next room until you get somewhere filled with water. Pull out your Jetboard and use it to collect all of the little floating spheres. This mission isn't too hard, so just get it over with. Now, continue until you get to the Oracle. It will grant you a new Light Jak power, known as Light Freeze. This slows time down a major amount, so that you can pass through the faster objects. Use it in the room with the spinning fans to get past. This is very simple, so just walk through. Sooner or later, you'll arrive at the Catacombs. This is one of the first challenging missions in the game, so watch out for everything. If it blows up, you'll die and have to start the mission over from the last checkpoint. At least it is short, which makes life a lot easier. Just get through with the mission firing the laser, and you should be fine.

When you arrive at the other side, the Precursor Monk will arrive and give you the power of Light Shield, a move that will protect Jak. It's not a required move to use in the game, so yeah. Now, go through the door into the Eco Mine. A cutscene will occur with Pecker talking about Mar, the legendary hero. Now, you need to go through here. It's a straight-forward area, so just keep on using your Blaster until you reach the Bomb Train. This is the next mission.

This is a challenging mission, though it seems simple at first. A shortcut is to use the rapid Blaster method (Jump and press O). This will usually hit one or more of the targets at once. So, go through the Eco Mine while staying ahead of the Bomb Train and shooting targets until you get to the end. Just don't mess up and you'll be fine, even with enemies attacking you.

Now, go into the following room and ride the elevator until it stops. Then go into the next room and a scene will occur with Count Vegar and his Precursor Robot will attack. This looks almost exactly like the one from Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. He isn't too hard, so just dodge all of his attacks until he sends some monsters out to attack you. Hit them until they die, and he'll make pillars appear from the ground. Climb on top of all of them until the cool, and use the normal Blaster to knock down the Bomb Trains. Repeat this three times to win, and you'll get a new gun mod to add on to the Vulcan Fury, called the Arc Wielder.

[edit] Act 2

Now that you've finished Act 1, it's time for Act 2. More secrets will be available, and you'll finally be back in Haven City. Enjoy your time there!

When you arrive, you'll find that there are Metal Heads swarming this area of the city. Use the Jetboard and go follow the little Samos icon on the map until you come to a shield with Samos and Keira behind it. A little cutscene will occur, and then you'll have to leave to go to the Sewers so you can find a way to them.

Now, go follow the icon that appears on the map until you get to the Sewers. This is a pretty straight-forward area, so just go through using guns and your Jetboard as needed. It doesn't take very long to emerge from the Sewers, but you can make it easier by using Dark Bomb, a move that is used by Dark Jak and can destroy almost the whole room with one attack. Use the Jetboard to grind and the Beam Reflexor to attack, then go ahead and leave the Sewers. You'll arrive somewhere near the Port side of town, which is where you need to go next.

Just follow the Dagger sign on the map until you end up at a bar with an Ottsel as the sign. This is called the Naughty Ottsel, a place that Torn owns. When you enter, you will see that Torn has been waiting for you and Daxter will immediately react on what Torn has done to the place. He ignores him pretty much, then gives Jak a little bit of info to get him up to speed on what has been happening. He'll then tell you to go and destroy the KG Blast Bots and guard yourself from the other KG Bots. This mission isn't too hard, so just kill them all with your Blaster or Vulcan Fury. When you're done with that, return to the Naughty Ottsel.

Torn will tell you that Daxter needs to go and knock out the Fortress with a missile parked outside. This is actually a pretty hard mission, so try to look out. If you ram into anything other than the Power Charges, you'll blow up and have to start the mission over again. Watch out for everything and jump around a lot, then run into the Barrier that has been put up to guard from part of the Metal Head Area. When you do, you'll immediately return to playing as Jak.

Now, go to the Gun Course, which is a little green icon on the map. Tess will be waiting for you with a new gun upgrade called the Gyro Blaster. She tells you to finish the Gun Course before getting this, because she needs to see if you can protect her "little baby" Daxter. Now, enter and use the Blaster to easily finish this course. Don't shoot the humans, only the KG Bots, and you can easily beat it. Just get above the score in the top left corner of the screen, and return to Tess. She'll give you the Gyro Blaster.

After this, return and talk to Torn. He'll tell you that you need to go and destroy some KG Sniper Cannons that are hidden. They have normal power, but will destroy any intruders due to camouflage. Anyway, go into the area that you just shot down with the Missile and see that KG Death Bots and the Freedom League are fighting. Just ignore them and go follow the Green Dot. You'll see that there are a few switches that you need to slam into to stop the machine. Repeat this a few times, and you'll finish the mission. Torn will contact you here.

He'll tell you to go raid the Metal Head Area via the Sewers. This mission isn't very hard, as you can just go through a few doors and beat the mission. The Beam Reflexor is a better choice than the Gyro Blaster as a weapon here though, so remember to use that.

When you arrive, go on in and see that there is Dark Lightning coming from little pods that have Dark Eco inside of them. Go use the Jetboard and grind upon the vines to get to the pods. Break them with a normal Spin Attack. Go and ride the air pods every once in a while to get to the next area. The last one is a little bit different, since you are on the mushrooms inside the Green Burning Eco that can kill you. Go until you arrive at the end and you'll obtain a new power for Dark Jak known as Dark Strike. Use it to get through the door.

Now, leave and you'll get a message from Samos asking you to go to the Haven Forest and kill all of the corrupted plants. Just pick up the Zoomer that is outside and go on back in the Metal Head Nest. You'll find that this place is almost cleared, so just make your way to the Haven Forest. When you get there, a gauge will appear and there will be Green Eco Vents everywhere. These are used while you are on your Jetboard to clear the area of plants. Just run into them while charged with Green Eco. Then you'll finish up the mission.

Now, go back out of the Haven Forest, and leave the Metal Head Nest after that. You'll find out that Jinx, a bomber has been waiting for you to blow up the Eco Grid with him. Get in the Zoomer, and drive to the Green Dot/Yellow Beam, and protect him from attacking enemies. While you're doing this, you'll find that they are also shooting at Jinx. This is one of the missions that could easily be glitched. If Jinx ever gets trapped behind an Eco Grid, he'll be stuck until you can get the Zoomer back there. Continue this process until you have blown them all up, and Ashelin will call you.

She'll tell you that you need to go and hijack the Eco Vehicle that is parked somewhere in the Metal Head/KG Death Bot War Zone. When you find it there, just navigate it to the Naughty Ottsel. Well, try to at least. The first part is pretty simple, but when you reach the port, the homing missiles will start increasing speed. You've got to hit all of the targets or else you will get blown up. The Ottsel on the Naughty Ottsel is the last target, so aim for that when you have one missile left. Now you must talk to Torn.

Now, you must protect the port from the Metal Heads and KG Death Bots. This mission is an auto-appear mission with only the Blaster, but you can pick up other guns while battling. Just use the Blaster Rapid Fire method to win most of the time, and you'll easily win. Don't try to attack them melee.

When you're done with that, go to the Gun Course and talk to Tess. She says she'll give you a sweet gun upgrade if you finish the course. Just attack the targets without hitting the humans as you usually would, and that's basically it. Don't do much in this mission. You can even challenge them head on. You'll get the Plasmite RPG, which is an upgrade to the Scatter Gun.

This is an incredibly hard mission. Go talk to Torn, and he'll tell you about how Jinx got a KG Blast Bot hacked into with more explosives than usual. When you leave the room, you'll automatically be put into it. Surprisingly, the KG Bots will attack you, but the Freedom League won't. Most of the enemies are harder than usual, but you can just walk through and shoot them. When you reach the force field, you'll auto-jump out of it, and destroy the force field. You'll get the Peace Maker after this scene. Enjoy using one of the strongest guns in the game.

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