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Jak through the years
Name Jak
Age 15, 17, 18, 19, 20
Height 5'6, 5'8, 5'9, 5'10
Weight 145 lbs, 165 lbs, 175 lbs, 185 lbs
Role Main character
Elements Dark, light, special (channels all types of eco)
Residence Sandover Village
Haven City
Kras city
Relations Explorer (Adoptive Uncle)
Damas (Father)
First Appearance Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
Other Appearances Jak II
Jak 3
Jak X: Combat Racing
Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier
Cameos Daxter
Ratchet: Deadlocked

Jak is one of the protagonists of the Jak & Daxter video game series developed exclusively for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system. He is also the character you will use throughout all the games, except Daxter. He debuts in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy as an adolescent boy, and from then on appears as a stocky young man in sequels and other games following. He is no ordinary person, however, as pointed out by the Blue Sage. He has an unusual ability to channel eco.

He is voiced by Mike Erwin from Jak II to Jak X, and by Josh Keaton in Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier.


[edit] Appearance

In Jak & Daxter, Jak appears as a short, teenage boy with green-blonde, spiky hair and blue eyes. He wears blue traditional clothing with no shoes and goggles. In Jak II, Jak appears as a stocky, older teen with longer hair and goatee. He still wears the goggles had when he was younger, however his attire changes to a more combat-oriented style, wearing boots and gloves and a red scarf. His appearance doesn't change much in Jak 3, although he wears more of an armored suit and a garmet tied around his waist, with shorter hair. By Jak X, Jak has cut his hair shorter yet again, and left his Wastelander attire for a racer jacket and pants, with a white T-shirt underneath. His clothing changes yet again in Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier, throwing back to his Jak II clothing, with a similar suit, yet more reminiscent of fighter-pilot clothing, with the ability to equip armour - finishing with a suit of Eco Sage Mail (Specifically that of the Dark Eco Sage, although alters depending on his strongest eco powers).

[edit] Friends

He has quite a few friends who follow him in this journey. He doesn't meet some of them until the second or third game. He has some friends who lived near him in Sandover Village.
Daxter is Jak's mischievous best friend and sidekick, though he hates being called that. In a mishap on Misty Island, Daxter fell into a pool of Dark Eco which caused his transformation into an ottsell. He accompanies Jak on various quests and missions, the primary one being changing him back to normal.
Keira is Samos' daughter and Jak's self-proclaimed love interest. A reliable mechanic and inventor, she builds a Zoomer and various other additional gadgets for Jak's use throughout the series.
Samos Hagai
Samos is the Sage of Green Eco and Keira's father. He is a grumpy old man who doesn't like Jak much in his first adventure (primarily because he hangs out with Daxter), but eventually grows to respect him very much. At one point, he brought himself to ask Jak for help, but mainly because of Daxter.
Torn is one of Jak's meaner friends. He really is a nice guy, but he doesn't decide to show it much. He assigns missions to Jak in Jak II: Renegade. He usually stays in the same spot, not appearing in different places. He can be seen with Jak a lot though.
Ashelin really doesn't pay attention to Jak at first, but later on in Jak II, she decides to talk to him. Soon they have joined together to fight Baron Praxis, who Ashelin reveals as her father. She also has many other secrets that could help Jak.

[edit] Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

Jak, along with Daxter, as he appears in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

Jak is a silent (as a result of being mute) 15 year old boy, who along with his mischievous best friend Daxter, travels to Misty Island against Samos' warning. Shortly after their arrival, Jak and Daxter witness a meeting in which two figures are addressing a crowd of Lurkers. Concerned for their safety, Jak and Daxter prepare to leave, but are unfortunately cornered by one of the Lurkers. Jak manages to dispatch the Lurker by throwing a barrel of Dark Eco at it, but the explosion subsequently knocked Daxter into a pool of Dark Eco. Fortunately, he emerges from the pool unharmed, however as an ottsel, a hybrid of an otter and weasel. After returning to Sandover, Jak and Daxter plead with Samos to change Daxter back to normal. After chastising them for disobeying him, Samos stated that he is incapable of curing Daxter, and that they instead need to visit Gol Acheron, the sage of Dark Eco. Thus, Jak and Daxter embark on their long and arduous journey to change Daxter back to normal.

[edit] Jak II: Renegade

Jak, along with Daxter, as he appears in Jak II: Renegade

In this game, Jak, along with Daxter, Keira and Samos activate a Rift Rider and a Precursor Ring which was found in the prequel. The ring generated a portal which involuntarily flung Jak and the others through. They arrive in Haven City, which was under control of Baron Praxis who is at war with a race of creatures called Metal Heads. Upon their arrival, Jak is separated from the others and kidnapped by Praxis' Krimzon Guard. During his detainment, he undergoes dangerous experiments with Dark Eco against his will as part of a "Dark Warriors" project. The increased exposure to Dark Eco caused Jak to transform into a beast-like state called Dark Jak, in which he gains incredible dark powers. With the help of Daxter, he manages to escape the prison and he sets out to take revenge against Praxis.

Along the way, Jak becomes a member of a secret group - The Underground - to help take back Haven City and overthrow Baron Praxis and the Krimzon Guard. The Underground then find themselves in the middle of a war between the city and the Metal Heads.

It is later revealed that The Kid he encountered was a younger version of himself - Jak is a child from the future who was sent back in time to hone his skills so that, one day, he would be able to save the world.

[edit] Jak 3

Jak, along with Daxter, as he appears in Jak 3

In this game, Jak is banished to the wasteland by Count Veger; new governor of Haven City. He is found - along with Daxter and Pecker - by a group of wastelanders, who then take him to the city of Spargus. Here he gets a lot of training, slowly learning of Haven's past and learning of the harshness of the Wasteland - the hard way.

While on a trek in the Precursor Temple, a Precursor Oracle blesses Jak with Light Eco. He absorbs this Eco and learns that he can use it to purify some of the Dark Eco inside of him. He later returns to Haven City via the Catacombs. There are major spoilers in this game about Jak's past, including the untimely revealing of Jak's true father; the king of Spargus, Damas. This game also is technically the first in the series to show physical meeting with Precursors.

In this game, he gains pieces of the armor of the legendary hero, Mar, and wears them. He looks the same, only appearing much more muscular and with much shorter hair.

[edit] Jak X: Combat Racing

Jak, along with Daxter, as he appears in Jak X

In this game Jak is again the main character and plays the "leader" role of the pack of racers. As the player controls him he becomes the best racer of the group, and eventually the entire tournament.

Jak and his friends are invited to the reading of Krew's will. They learn that the drinks they were all told to drink were all poisoned, and to stop the poison killing them, they must race against the best of Kras City.

Jak seems much calmer in this game and shows a lot of respect towards comrades. Nevertheless he is as cocky as he always has been on the race course. He also pays his respects to the fallen Damas - his father - by occasionally remarking "This one's for Damas!" when he wins a race.

Throughout the game, he is joined by old comrades (including Torn, Ashelin, Keira and Sig) and meets new enemies affiliated with Mizo - the ganglord and main antagonist of the game.

At the end of the game, Jak chases down Mizo to save himself and all his friends and leaves him to die - as Mizo remarks "you have a habit of leaving people to die, don't you?", to which Jak replies "you get used to it", illustrating a cold image of him. This is dropped shortly afterwards when Jak kisses Keira.

[edit] Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier

Jak as he appears in The Lost Frontier

In this game, Jak must help save the world from a global eco shortage, by finding a great source of eco. However, due to the shortage of eco, he cannot transform into Dark Jak or Light Jak, limiting his powers, but allowing him access to new ones. He also gains a new weapon - the Gunstaff - which allows the use of various gun mods.

Jak's relationship with Keira have been continued on from Jak X in this game, although the relationship is brought into question due to Keira's friendship with Phoenix, causing a rivalry between the two. Jak appears less sure of himself in this adventure, as well as displaying a more mature attitude, much of his brooding personality displayed first in Jak II having been shed, contrasting his dark, apocalyptic environment.

[edit] Different Forms

[edit] White Eco Jak

During the final minutes of the game, the four Eco Sages merge their powers together to form a new type of eco; White Eco. Daxter has to decide between turning back to normal and defeating Gol and Maia. Eventually he gives up and allows Jak to pick up the eco, allowing him to transform into White Eco Jak. This allows him to fire eco missiles at Gol and Maia and eventually defeat them. This form has never been seen since.

[edit] Dark Jak

Jak is the subject of the Dark Eco Warrior Experiment and has been subjected to large amounts of Dark Eco in his body. This causes him to lose control at times, and go berserk into a new form called Dark Jak. While this form is not available in the first game, it is included in subsequent games.

While in Dark Jak mode, Jak has minimal control over himself. Due to this form, though, he is not affected by small amounts of Dark Eco. The advantages of this form include enhanced strength and new, devastating attacks that couldn't be used before. The effects of Dark Jak are enhanced in Jak 3.

[edit] Light Jak

Upon his visit to the Precursor Temple in the wasteland area around Spargus, Jak is imbued with the power of Light Eco in return for his efforts so far. While Light Jak is not as powerful and offensive as Dark Jak, Light Jak has incredible defensive abilities, and has a few tricks that can allow him to reach places that he couldn't reach before

The presence of Light Eco in Jak distances the presence of Dark Eco a little bit, though both forms are still present. The presence of both types of eco gives Jak both sides of Yin and Yang. Interestingly, Yin and Yang is similar to the symbol on the Symbol of Mar, who Jak turns out to be. It is possible that Mar used his powers in the future to save and shape Haven City.

[edit] Young Jak

Once under the protection and watchful eye of Kor, the duo come across a young boy and a younger version of Samos. The boy turns out to be a younger Jak, and carries the Symbol of Mar around his neck. He is known mainly as "The Kid" throughout Jak II.

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