Haven City

Birds-eye view of Haven City

Haven City was a city developed by Mar between Jak 1 and Jak 2. It was made about 400 years before Jak 2, so it's been a long Metal-Head war. In Jak 2, it's the main location where you do every mission, with one tiny exception. At that time, it was ruled by Baron Praxis and his second in command, Erol.It is also revealed that Veger was the advisor. The military were Krimzon Guards, red or yellow men who would attack you at all costs. The yellow men were tougher. Also, there was a robot that when you jumped in the water in certain areas, it would blow you up. The vehicles were a small Zoomer, a medium zoomer, a large zoomer, a Krimson Speeder, a Krimson Zoomer, and a Hellcat Cruiser. An old, destroyed part of town was called Dead Town. It was revealed to be Sandover Village in ruins. Another area was the Pumping Stations, a place filled with Metal Heads. In Jak 3, a new version of Erol is made, a floating robot maker is located, sections of the town are took over, Ashlin is governor, the military are the Freedom League, Daxter owns a bar, and many more.

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