Geyser Rock

Geyser Rock is the first playable area in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. It serves as a training course for Jak. Here, you learn about different Ecos, and different Precursor Artifacts.

[edit] Enemies

There are no enemies here, but there are scarecrows for Jak to train with. There are also Scout Flies.

The Scarecrows can be defeated just as any other enemy in this game. Some require Jak to jump up to them using a Spin Jump in order to defeat them, and this is to train against the flying enemies. The other scarecrows are basic creatures that do not get in his way.

[edit] Geographical Features

Geyser Rock is an area that keeps going up. It is built on a beach, but the main area is a grassland. There are spikes, hills, and other things to get in your way here. There is a large ocean surrounding it, and no view of Sandover Village or any other area around it.

It does have a large geyser located on the beach that it seems to center around. It cannot be jumped upon, which makes it so that there is no way to be launched in the ocean unless it is swam in to.

[edit] Eco

The only colors of Eco that are located here are Green Eco and Blue Eco. There is a Blue Eco Vent, and there are chests that contain Green Eco. They are found all around Geyser Rock.

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