Freedom League

Freedom League
Sketch of a Freedom League soldier with his Blaster
Race Name Freedom League (Human)
Armor Strong
Weaponry Blasters
Leader(s) Torn
First Appearance Jak 3
Other Appearances N/A

The Freedom League is a group of Krimzon Guard soldiers under Torn's control. They are usually talking about Baron Praxis, and how to protect themselves from the KG Death Bots and the Metal Heads. They only appear in Haven City, and they wear Blue Armor.

[edit] Appearances

The Freedom League only appears in Jak 3 as a helping group. They assist you in a few attack missions and a few Search and Destroy Missions. They reside in Haven City, and are ruled by Torn and a few other people in the former Underground, now either on the Grand Council or working under the governor.

[edit] Origin

Since the New Haven City was established and Torn was put in charge of the Krimzon Guard, he changed their armor and weapons in the hope that they would be stronger than the previous Krimzon Guard.

[edit] Characteristics

Quite contrary to the previous Krimzon Guard, the Freedom League are usually quite cowardly, pessimistic and weak-willed, often speaking under their breath about how they wish the war would end and how they cannot hold out much longer. Other than this they are determined soldiers and will go into any fight head on without question, no matter what the consequences (usually death).

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