Forbidden Jungle

Forbidden Jungle
Forbidden Jungle.jpg
First Appearance Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
Connected Areas Sentinel Beach
Other Appearance(s) Jak X: Combat Racing

The Forbidden Jungle is a lurker-infested jungle which can be accessed via the path on the beach. Here, you'll find a large Precursor Temple that holds both a Blue Eco machine and your very first boss, the Dark Eco Plant. Other enemies here include Lurkers, Pythons, Piranhas, Dark Eco Plant Tentacles, Spiny Frogs, and the infamous Lurker Sharks.


[edit] Precursor Legacy

Like most areas in The Precursor Legacy, Forbidden Jungle is a place were Jak goes to collect power cells.

[edit] Post Precursor Legacy

It is unknown what happened to the Forbidden Jungle in the New World era. In Jak X Combat Racing, there is a race track called Forbidden Jungle, but it is unkown if that Forbidden Jungle is the same one as the one in The Precursor Legacy.

[edit] Environment

The Forbidden Jungle is a creepy, eerie jungle that has been zoned off from Sandover Village (hence the word "forbidden" in the title). It is filled with many creatures that one would expect to find in the jungle. However, at the same time, it is one of the most technologically advanced areas in the entire world at the time, as it has a Precursor Temple that provides Blue Eco to everywhere, and it has many different machines that provide electricity to the village.

The Jungle has a large river running in between it that leads out to the middle of the sea, on to a small island. However, this river is infested with Poison Eel that ruin all of the normal fish that can be found there. When Jak and Daxter travel throughout this area, if they touch a Poison Shark, they will lose a third of their health. This river seemed to be a popular fishing spot until the river was overrun by the Poison Sharks, as the Fisherman knows that they will poison his "entire catch" when Jak helps him catch 200 lbs. of fish in the river.

[edit] Eco

There are only two kinds of Eco that can be found here, and those are Green and Blue Eco. The Precursor Temple that is found here can only be accessed through use of Blue Eco (to form the bridge), and it itself is an area where you can find large amounts of Blue Eco.

This area shows that Blue Eco functions as this world's electricity, as the Forbidden Jungle has power beams running all throughout it that are sent off to the village in order to create electricity and power (according to the Mayor). The main source of this power is a small machine in the middle of the Jungle that was hijacked by two Lurkers. However, it was re-earned by Jak, and he shot the Eco back to Sentinel Village.

[edit] Enemies

The Forbidden Jungle is home to many types of enemies, such as the common Lurker, as well as the Poison Eels in the river. There is also a "sub-boss", known as the Dark Eco Plant, here. It uses many vine-tentacles all over the Jungle to attempt to keep out unwanted visitors. These are easily destroyed by a simple punch or spin kick however. When the Plant itself it defeated, it spits out Precursor Orbs.

[edit] Power Cells

There are eight power cells in Forbidden Jungle.

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