Errol is a member of the Krimzon Guards and Baron Praxis's right-hand man. You first see him in Jak II when he kidnaps Jak for Baron Praxis's Dark Eco project.

[edit] Appearances

Errol makes his first appearance in Jak II, as a champion racer and highly ranked Krimzon Guard. He is almost always seen alongside Baron Praxis, the leader of the Krimzon Guards. He doesn't like Jak much, so he helps in the Dark Eco Warrior Project.He and Jak also compete over Keira. He was asumed dead because he crashed into a ton of dark eco.
He later appears in Jak 3, as a recreated robot. He has gotten help from the Dark Makers, and becomes the main antagonist. He is trying to destroy the world, and Jak, with the Dark Makers power.His allies are, Dark makers, KG Deathbots, metal-heads, and Mauraders.

[edit] Name

It hasn't been confirmed if Errol's name is really Errol. It has been Errol and Erol, as seen in Jak 3. It is unknown what happened, but it could be because of the Japanese Translation of Jak II, and Jak 3 not having one.

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