Eco Charge

An Eco Charge is a form of Eco only available in Jak 3. It is very common in the Wasteland and is the only place where an Eco Charge is available. It is dropped by enemy Wastelanders (Maruaders) after their vehicle is destroyed. When the Eco Charge is picked up, it is stored in a tank for later use. The tank can store up to 3 Eco Charges.

When an Eco Charge is used, the player gains a terrific speed boost, referred to as a Turbo Charge. Using a Turbo Charge, the player can go to unbelievable speeds, jump across difficult bridges with great ease, and even destroy enemy Wastelanders by crashing into them.

Eco Charges take the appearance of a ball of energy. They are bright red in colour, and take the shape of a "nuclear atom" (or, more specifically, the nuclear atoms you would see in drawings).

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