Duke Skyheed

Duke Skyheed
Duke Skyheed as in Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier
Race Name Human
Armor Very Heavy (ship)
Weaponry Special (ship)
Relations None
Occupations Leader of the Aeropan People
First Appearance Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier
Other Appearances None
Cameos None

Duke Skyheed is the leader of the Aeropan people, referring to himself as a protector of eco. He wages a continuous war with the Sky Pirates, who he sees as threatening to the Aeropan way of life.

[edit] Biography

Duke Skyheed works as the leader of the Aeropan People, along with his helper, Chancellor Ruskin. He is the one who gives Jak and Keira the Eco Seeker, which allows them to find large amounts of Eco. At this point, Pheonix arrives and takes the Eco Seeker, as well as Keira. Skyheed then disappears from the story for some time.

When he is seen again, he has become Jak's enemy, and the majority of his subsequent appearances are piloting an Aeropan Ship, the Behemoth. It is soon revealed by Tym and Pheonix that Skyheed had infected all of his citizens with Dark Eco. Tym was placed in charge of the project years ago, and was defeated when he attempted to use robots to destroy it. Skyheed's true nature is now shown, attempting to wipe out the entirety of Far Drop, and using the Eco Core for complete and ultimate power, eventually transforming into a huge Dark Eco beast in an attempt to destroy Jak. After opposing him, the Chancellor is killed by Skyheed.

[edit] Use of Machinery

The Aeropans are in fact huge on machinery, and Duke Skyheed is even bigger. He created the Danger Course, a training course tackled by Jak at the beginning of Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier. He owns a special ship, and he pilots it when he is transformed by Dark Eco. When in this ship, his armor is almost impenetrable. This ship also appears to have it's own form of warp technology, disappearing and reappearing at will. Using this technology, Skyheed is even able to effectively pass through solid walls.

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