Dark Maker

Dark Makers
Jak faces some Dark Makers
Race Name Dark Makers (Precursors)
Armor Very Strong
Weaponry Shields
Leader(s) Errol, Self-governing
First Appearance Jak 3
Other Appearances N/A

The Dark Makers are a race of Precursors that have been brainwashed and mutated by excessive exposure to Dark Eco. They are ancient enemies of the true Precursors and seek to eliminate every Precursor left. So far they have been successful, with the entire race down to its last survivors.

They gain a new objective in Jak 3 by communicating with Errol through telepathy (Errol was able to do this using his new robotic features). Errol intends to wipe out the planet so that he can rule it, and so forms an alliance with the Dark Makers to help him achieve this. The Dark Makers agree to this so that they, too, can destroy yet another planet and wipe out more Precursors (those that are in the Catacombs).

It is unknown how the Dark Makers took their form. Daxter was turned into a Precursor by falling into a pit of Dark Eco, and excessive exposure to this caused him to turn into an Ottsel. Two theories to the Dark Maker situation are that either they were once Ottsels and mutated into their current form. Another possibility is that the darker shell is merely a robot of sorts, and that the Dark Makers (which are Ottsels) reside in them.

[edit] Types of Dark Maker

[edit] Standard Dark Makers

Calling them standard is more of an insult to these mighty creatures. They are very agile and tough, as well as strong. They come equipped with dark "pistols", great strength and tough shields. They look very fearsome, and this is one of the only cases where looks aren't deceiving.

These are the main types of Dark Maker you will encounter. Any area that has a Dark Maker presence in it will have these creatures.

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