Dark Daxter

Dark Daxter standing in an elevator

Dark Daxter is Daxter's Dark Eco form, activated during the first act of Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier when Daxter is coated in Dark Eco in the Aeropean City. Dark Daxter is 8 ft tall, with augmented strength and abilities. His personality is altered, becoming much more aggressive, with an insatiable hunger for Dark Eco and a dark sense of humour. Dark Daxter can be equipped with three different helmets; a grid-iron helmet, a Viking-like helmet, and a German Military-style helmet. These are purchasable via the secrets menu, and are purely aesthetic.

[edit] Powers

(all controls from PS2 Version)

Dark Ball
Dark Ball is an attack that is used by pressing X. It shoots a ball of Dark Eco at any enemy or object, but usually does not do much damage.

Dark Frenzy
Dark Frenzy is an attack used by pressing and holding Triangle on the Playstation 2 Controller. It allows Dark Daxter to break down walls and other objects. You first have to gain power by using Dark Frenzy near Dark Crystals, or else you won't have enough power to break anything. You can spin through fire while using this attack.

Dark Smash
Dark Smash is used by pressing the O button on the Playstation 2 Controller. It allows you to flip batteries from positive to negative, and vice versa. It doesn't have very many other uses.

Dark Pickup + Toss This allows you to pick up enemies and toss them into certain place. Spiders can be used when picked up to create webs in holes in the floor so that you can cross. This move, like Dark Smash, is almost useless.

[edit] Criticism

Dark Daxter has come under criticism from Jak and Daxter fans, many claiming that it is impossible for such a transformation to take place, due to the properties of both Daxter and Dark Eco. Daxter's first contact with a large amount of Dark Eco sets off his initial transformation into an Ottsel, and thereby sets off the initial adventure. When the player falls into Dark Eco during the first game results in the player's death, and it is assumed that both Jak and Daxter perish. Dark Jak is activated only after Jak has had continuous injections of Dark Eco, and it is mentioned by Errol and Baron Praxis that other subjects have died during the injection cycle, Jak's power to channel eco is used as the reason for his survival. When playing as Daxter in Jak II and Jak 3, the player dies when falling into Dark Eco. Due to these reasons, it can be argued that the concept of Dark Daxter is implausible.

However, Dark Eco Mutants are much more prominent in Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier, possibly due to a more sophisticated form of Eco Manipulation being used to create these. The Dark Eco Storms could also have resulted in a tolerance to Dark Eco being becoming a part of those who have experienced them, including Daxter. Although the Dark Eco Storms may help support the concept of Dark Daxter, it could be argued that the large amount of Dark Eco Mutants is yet another inconsistency by High Impact Games.

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