N damus final.jpg
Damas as seen in Jak 3
Name Damas
Role Supporting character
Elements None
Residence Spargus City
Relations Jak (Son)
First Appearance Jak 3
Other Appearances None
Cameos None

Damas was the king of Haven City before Baron Praxis took over. He was banished to the Wasteland for life along with many other people. He becomes the king of Spargus City, a city which the banished ones created.

[edit] Damas's Connection to Jak

After Jak was banished to the Wasteland because of unjust crimes in Haven City, Damas and his right hand men found and saved him, Daxter, and Pecker. Damas has thought all along that the younger Jak that appears in Jak II with Kor is his long lost son. Both he and Jak are unaware that Jak is Damas's son. The only one who knew was Veger, but when he told Jak, Damas had been killed in a vicious car crash.

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