Official Art of Cyber-Errol
Race KG Death Bot / Human
Armor Very Powerful
Weaponry Terraformer
Relations KG Death Bot (Leader)
Dark Maker (Leader)
First Appearance Jak 3

Cyber-Errol is Errol's KG Death Bot form. He is the leader and creator of the Death Bots when Jak 3 starts out, and eventually branches out to be able to speak with the Dark Makers and lead them as well. He works alongside the Metal Heads for cargo delivery.

This form was created because Erol exploded during the Class 1 Race in Jak II: Renegade.

[edit] Appearance

Errol's KG Bot Form is constructed mainly of a large amount of complicated wiring, as well as various pieces of his old Krimzon Guard armor. It is unknown if all of this was created by him, or by some other creature that was built at the KG War Factory.

Compared to his human form, he is much bulkier. He also now walks with a limp of sorts, because his right leg is bent back in a strange shape. His hair is still the exact same, in both shape and size.

His feet and hands have been completely replaced with a mechanical form of all four of his features. His limbs were completely removed. The only things that remain of his human body are a small part of his face, his left ear, and his hair.

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