Count Veger

Count Veger
Count Veger as he appears in Jak 3
Name Veger
Occupation Count of Haven City
First Appearance Jak 3
Other Appearances N/A
Cameos N/A

Count Veger is one of the main antagonists of Jak 3, but is the only villain you do not actually fight. As head of the Grand Council of Haven City, he banishes Jak into the wasteland, falsely accusing him of "heinous acts against the people of Haven City". Although he first appears in Jak 3, he played a "behind-the-scenes" part, so to speak, in Jak II.

[edit] Role in Jak II

Count Veger is supposedly an advisor to Baron Praxis. He is the one who wanted to specifically capture Jak for the Dark Warrior Program. Because of this it is assumed that he knew of Jak's unusual ability to channel eco. This is emphasised by Baron Praxis when he exclaims that "They told me this one would be different", with they referring to Veger and the council. Other than this Veger doesn't seem to have much more of a role.

[edit] Role in Jak 3

Veger gets much more involved. He constantly refers to Jak as a "Dark Eco freak" whenever they meet. It is revealed later in the game that Veger wants much more than to get rid of Jak. He actually wants to get closer to the Precursors, in the hope of being one of them. He uses Seem and the Precursor Monks to achieve this objective, and finally gets down to the Catacombs with aid of Jak and Damas. Jak races Veger down to the Catacombs and it is there that Veger finally achieves his dream of becoming a Precursor - however with undesirable consequences...

The "undesirable consequence"

In the final scene of Jak 3, Kleiver picks up the newly transformed Veger and forces him to be his "new partner", much to Veger's dismay.

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