Ashelin Praxis
Name Ashelin Praxis
Age 24
Weight 145lbs
Height 6.0ft
Role Krimzon Guard general, Underground spy, Governor of Haven City
Elements Neutral
Residence Haven City
Relations Baron Praxis (Father)
First Appearance Jak II
Other Appearances Jak 3
Jak X: Combat Racing

Ashelin is a supporting and later on playable character who first appears in Jak II and plays a vital role role in Jak and Daxter's adventures from that time forth. She is a mission giving NPC mostly, but also serves several times as a partner to Jak, aiding him in combating various enemies.


[edit] Information

Ashelin is one of the numerous new characters introduced in Jak II, first showing up in a mission a third of the way through the game. She is first known only as an informant for the resistance against Baron Praxis, working in the Krimzon Guard as a cover, though she is later revealed to be Baron Praxis's daughter. Like Torn she appears to take life very seriously, though she occasionally reveals another more tender side to herself.

[edit] Role in Jak II

Ashelin first runs into Jak and Daxter when Torn sends them out to the Pumping Station after he lost contact with her. Ashelin initially suspects them of being enemies, taking Jak hostage with surprising agility, though she lets him go when a swarm of Metal Heads attack. They fight them off together and rejecting Daxter's hitting on her with casual ease leaves, but not before revealing that she and other Krimzon Guards are being sent out to recover artifacts from the time of Mar, the founder of Haven City, giving them an access pass to go see Onin, a soothsayer who knows much about the past.

Ashelin runs into them many times more throughout the game, often aiding the Krimzon Guard in their endeavors to combat the Metal Heads attacking the city. During an infiltration mission into the very palace of Haven City, Jak finds out in a conversation between Erol and Baron Praxis that Ashelin is the latter's daughter, his only child. He appears to show little appreciation for her, as evident by his insistence she continue the suicidal ventures into the surrounding territory, seemingly obsessed with finding Mar's Tomb.

Jak meets Ashelin again at the market when an Eco tanker is revealed to have been commandeered by Metal Heads to gain access to the city, fighting alongside her to stop them. She shows up again at the stadium, praising his racing abilities and at the same time warning him that Erol and the Krimzon Guard are searching for him. She gets off on the bad foot with Keira, who seems to take a pretty dim view of the daughter of the Haven City's dictator, as well as well as seemingly jealous over Jak. Ashelin remarks as she walks away that "Ever since I was a little girl, I've looked down at the city streets from that ridiculous Palace, and imagined a better place."

She is next mentioned again when the duo are working towards getting their hands on the Precursor Stone. However they are betrayed, Krimzon Guards and Baron Praxis storming Mar's Tomb. It is later revealed this is Torn's fault, giving up the location when he heard Ashelin was being accused of being a spy for the underground, threatening to kill her, which Torn believes he would have done.

When Jak wins an access card for the palace in the racing tournament, he once again enters and tries to hunt down Baron Praxis, reaching the throne room only to find it empty and Ashelin waiting. She accuses Jak of being an agent for the Metal Heads all along and had been undermining their war against them. When they explain that her father intends to blow up the Precursor Stone, which will result in enough energy being released to destroy the whole planet, she lowers her gun, and demands Vin confirm it via radio. When he backs up their theory she lets them go, and as they escape tells them they are right, that her father has to be stopped.

Having been given an access pass to a secret weapons factory by Ashelin, Jak and Daxter meet Krew at its rooftop to try and disrupt the meeting between him and the Baron, who is helping him bust it open. The Baron never shows however, and when Krew is defeated the whole top of the building looks set to explode. Ashelin arrives just in the nick of time with a Hellcat Cruiser to rescue them, the whole top of the factory detonating seconds after they all pull free. She drops Jak off in Haven City and promises to take an artifact that Krew dropped to Keira, who needs it for the rift rider she is developing for them to get home.

Ashelin does not have a very big part from here on in. She (along with Torn) encourages Jak to try to breach the Metal Head nest when the creatures finally manage to break into Haven City, saying in their haste to overrun the city they may have left it vulnerable. She also sends them a more personal message when they are busting into the nest to go into the rift and leave this time, saying it is only a matter of time before the Metal Heads win. Jak refuses, and manages to destroy Kor (their leader), which disrupts the rest of the Metal Heads, allowing them to be driven back.

Ashelin is shown at the end in the throne room of the palace with Torn, apparently now governor of the city. She urges him to hurry, or they'll be late for the party at Daxter's place. Torn refuses, saying he has too much to do. However Ashelin then orders him to accompany her saying "You can start rebuilding the city tomorrow. Tonight, we get to celebrate with our new friends. Besides, tough guy, I'm dying to see you dance", highlighting her romantic interest with Torn.

[edit] Role in Jak 3

Ashelin comes in right at the start of the game, seen along with Count Veger and Jak in a dropship, leaving him for dead in the wasteland in face of public pressure, he being suspected of helping the Metal Heads gain access to the city due to his shady connections. Ashelin tries to defend Jak and convince Veger to not sentence him. She is overruled, but manages to slip Jak a homing beacon, promising someone will find him. They leave and Jak realizes Pecker and Daxter have decided to stay with him.

Via a number of flashbacks it is shown the Freedom League led by Ashelin, Torn, Samos, Jak and a few others is under siege from armies of both KG Deathbots and Metal Heads, the entire city becoming a battlefield. Even the gigantic palace which overshadows much of the city is destroyed, Ashelin and Torn just barely pulling Samos, Jak and Daxter free before it topples. Ashelin, being in Haven City helping coordinate against the attacks, is separated from Jak for a large portion of the early game, but finally manages to make contact with him. They meet at an oasis, Ashelin saying "It's good to see you." When Jak asks how she knew about Damas, she dodges the question, and then asks him to come back to Haven City, explaining that Veger has taken command and as a result of his poor leadership they are losing the fight.

They are then attacked by a large wave of Marauders, battle-hungry scavengers. Working together, Ashelin and Jak defeat them, but afterwards Jak refuses to come back with her, feeling betrayed. She gives him the hoverboard and seal of Mar, and tells him the hero she knew died in the desert. She leaves in her cruiser without Jak.

Jak uses the seal to break into a nearby ancient temple. Using the subrails connected to it, Jak regains access to the city of his own accord, and meeting up with Torn talks to Ashelin again via a holographic communicator. She seems happy to see him, saying "I knew I could count on you", a complete reversal of her last remark.

She and him are still cut off from one another, KG force barriers blocking off Jak in the port from central headquarters. Using the radio, Ashelin guides Jak through a number of missions, including stealing a supply of Eco and attacking the Metal Head part of the city. Eventually Jak links back up with central headquarters, meeting Ashelin and the other leaders.

After repelling a large assault, Jak returns to the headquarters, the others suggesting he lead a team into the catacombs to find out what's going on down there. They are interrupted by Veger, but after Veger's lousy decisions and Jak's accusations, Ashelin strips him of his command and title. She then suggests their first priority should be to shut down the KG War factory.

They gain access to the factory and find Errol, who has survived from the last game and is now commanding the KG Deathbots. They defeat him and shut down the factory, but he escapes, and Jak gets a distress call from Spargus City. After defeating a wave of Dark Makers, Damas congratulates him, and reveals he was once king of Haven City. This is assumed to be how Ashelin knew him, seeing as her father Baron Praxis was the one who removed him from power and banished him to the Wasteland.

Things grow desperate as the Dark Maker ship draws ever closer to their planet, preparing to recreate the world with its weaponry. Ashelin proposes a strike on Errol, and organises a mission with Jak running cover for Torn, who is piloting a ship filled with explosives. They use it to bust open the Metal Head nest and Jak proceeds to the top, but Errol escapes into a teleporter before they can kill him, boarding the Dark Maker ship.

Jak and Daxter finally travel through the catacombs to the center of the planet and manage to activate the planetary defence grid, but find out from the Precursors that the Dark Maker ship also contains some deadly cargo which is capable of destroying the world even without the ship. They are then teleported to the ship and make another attempt to kill Errol, but before they can fight the planetary defence grid activates, slicing clean through the ship. Errol leaps onto one of the giant Dark Maker terraformers, big as a city and apparently the deadly cargo the Precurors were talking about.

Jak clashes with Errol's terraformer after plummeting to the wasteland and defeats him, and Ashelin is shown approaching the wreckage of it alongside Sig, just in time to see it explode. She appears alarmed for a moment, thinking them dead, but quickly smiles when she sees them both marching up to them unharmed, big grins on their faces. Ashelin walks up to Jak and puts a hand on his shoulder, and leans forward, the camera panning down to Daxter's face, who smirks. Suggesting that Jak and Ashelin kissed one another, a big deal since Keira has been Jak's primary love interest up until now, and Torn Ashelin's.

Ashelin along with most of the other characters is present at the Spargus arena, seeing the Precursours off, who are leaving the planet. When Jak reveals his real name is Mar, Ashelin exclaims "Wait, Jak is Mar? The Mar?" Which raises many questions on whether Jak is the original Mar, the one who founded Haven City and many other great accomplishments, or just named in his honor. This is Ashelin's final line for the game.

[edit] Role in Jak X

Ashelin is once again a supporting character to Jak in this game, and is even playable in multiplayer. Like the others she was present at the reading of Krew's will, and is poisoned and forced to race to gain the antidote. She takes a dim view of Rayn, Krew's daughter from the start, pointing a gun at her and yelling "What the hell did you do to us?" among many other things.

She maintains her usual distant attitude as well as her distrust of Rayn throughout the game, frequently hurling verbal abuse at her. She also appears to be back together with Torn, likely due to the outcry at her and Jak kissing at the end of Jak 3. She races alongside him throughout the title, and it is ironically revealed that she was right not to trust Rayn, when it is shown she was in on the whole plan, including the poisoning. She mocks their shock with the line "Well, if you'd all been thinking with your... heads." tapping Torn playfully on the face with her fingers, the story mode then ends.

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