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[edit] Concerning the Infoboxes

I've decided to implement Prometheusx303's Infobox v2. This makes life much easier for everyone, as you can see in his post above.

However, I've decided to stick with the original Infobox for the game pages (partly laziness on my part). So with that in mind, please pay attention to the following instructions;

|title = Franck Songo'o
|image = [[Image:Franck Songo'o1.jpg‎]]
|imagecaption =

|Name :: Franck Steve Songo'o
|Age :: 21
|Nation :: [[Cameroon]]
|Position :: '''SMF'''
|Club Squad No. :: 11
|Nation Squad No. ::
|Key Stats :: Top Speed 83
Agility 80
Dribble Speed 80

Edit these parts as necessary, but please remember not to delete the double colons. Soon enough I will put templates for these infoboxes (characters, locations, etc.) in my user page, so keep an eye peeled.

~Relmutsie AN, 4/5/09, 12:01 GMT

Hey, sometime in the future, I may be able to make Template:Infobox2 backwards compatible to replace Template:Infobox. --Prometheusx303 18:00, 9 May 2009 (UTC)

[edit] Walls O' Text

All of the following pages seem to have Wall O' Text issues.

Jak II will be resolved when I (or Karis) have completed the game (count on Karis there :P). I'll get to the Torn page now. Cheers. ~Relmutsie AN, 7/5/09, 19:04 GMT

Luke, I have a life as well >.<

Anyways, I can fix J2 later. ~Karis

I meant that you'll complete it before me. XD

Anyways, as soon as my clown of a brother comes back, I'll be able to write more on Jak X (he took the controller ¬_¬). ~Relmutsie AN, 8/5/09, 14:48 GMT

I know what you mean, but I have stuff to do. Barely finished with 50% of the game ~Karis

[edit] Protection

Do you think this page should be protected? I wouldn't really like a guest messing up the Main Page, but I can easily deal with that if I have to. I would prefer it be members only. It's anybody's choice though. ~Karis

No. Do you know how much of a pain in the ass it is to ask you to unblock it just so I can fix a minor detail? Anyone can revert back. It's useless. Congratulations on the staff tag, but on the Main Page it's as useful as a bullet without a gun. I'm not sure we should protect ANY pages, but we'll see along the way. lol at the title. ~Relmutsie AN, 24/5/09, 20:32 GMT

No protection for members only? Why not? I don't think I've ever seen you in as a guest, and I don't think you would. What's wrong with member only edit? Not Staff Only, just members.

Just as well there's no point. What guest would edit the main page anyway? I hope to god you're not going to be one of those who think locking and calling dibs on pages is a good idea. ~Relmutsie AN, 24/5/09, 23:24 GMT

Haha no. I just don't want an IP Guest (who I know you can easily report) messing something up that's been worked on for a long time. It looks great, and different from all the Wikis that I've seen. It's truly something that I just don't want Guests editing. ~Karis

Trust me when I say that guests won't touch the main page. If they're here to destroy, they won't go to the main page (and if they do we can revert it). If they're here to edit, they won't go to the main page (it looks great, as you've said). If they're spambots, they'll rarely ever do the main page in.
If you see a bad guest edit on the main page (and ANY page), report them and revert it. If they decide to do it again, wait for them to do it thrice, revert then protect the page. We'll later unblock the page.
Btw, thanks. It's definitely a great main page, but stuff like Disgaea and Metroid and The World Ends With You are hard to beat. ~Relmutsie AN, 25/5/09, 15:22 GMT

Alright. Now I get where you're coming from. If it gets bad though, I'm protecting it. ~Karis

[edit] More Protection

Don't ask.

Would you mind me protecting the Jak and Daxter - Wiki on Neoseeker:Copyrights page to only Staff and Admins? I wouldn't like normal members editing it for various reasons. And if for some reason an Admin wants to create it later, I'll let them. ~Karis

No objections in the slightest for obvious reasons. Need to get it written up first. ~Relmutsie AN, 28/5/09, 09:50 GMT

lol no you don't. I'll do it now ~Karis

There is no text on this page. Hm. ~Relmutsie AN, 3/6/09, 11:28 GMT

Try to create it =D

Um yeah...I did. That's why I posted. I THINK it would be better if you protected something that actually had text in it. =/ ~Relmutsie AN, 3/6/09, 23:05 GMT

[edit] Stubs

Skillet, for the love of god, stop. You're creating too many stubs and I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what to do here.

Please, if you're going to create a new page, we need more than 100 bytes.

[edit] Main Page Edit

So, Relm and I are changing the main page. We want comments here. ~Karis

This is the archive.

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